Today’s global commercialization is very present in sport and all types of training / physical activities. In the end it is business and it always offers simple solutions, exercises and diet plans. But is it really effective, healthy, safe, scientifically proven and the best way to achieve your goals? As a professional personal trainer (with a master’s degree in kinesiology), a professional sportsman and a therapist I will try to answer these questions.

Who is quality personal trainer?

To begin with, a term „personal trainer“ is often insufficiently described. There is a big difference between a professional personal trainer and an exercise instructor and other instructors with weekend courses. A professional personal trainer with highest competence is the one who finished at least five years on Faculty of Sport Science (Science of Kinesiology) and became a master’s degree professional. / University graduates with an appropriate honors degree.


Can a personal trainer really help?

In many countries the law describes several ways to achieve a personal training qualification, but from rich professional experience as a trainer and a sportsman without any doubt I can say that the first described term of a professional personal trainer is the best one. I will refer to the term of a professional later in the text.

Weighing the pros and cons of working with a personal trainer


The most obvious benefit you will gain from hiring a personal trainer is their knowledge and expertise about anatomy, physiology, health, training, nutrition, periodization and mental well-being.

Pros of Hiring a Fitness Trainer:

1.) Constant supervision is a vital thing in the training process. It links all parts of the training, diet and feedback. Continuous supervision is the core of every quality training.

2. ) Maximizing the result and minimalizing the time you spend working out.

3.) Quality periodization is the key for long term success, joy and real transformation!

4.) Assistance – it can be the key to success in some types of the exercises and it can encourage the client to achieve better results

5.) Corrections- every amateur and even professional athlete need constant corrections in order to develop a perfect technique and minimize the trauma of bones, muscles and tendons.

6.) Motivation – motivated clients achieve better results in training.

7.) Sports nutrition plan- a personal trainer who knows his clients and spends a lot of time on training with them is able to make a good sport nutrition plan and change it according to the exercise periodization plain.

8.) Minimizing potential injuries and long term injuries.

pros and cons of hiring a personal trainer


The only real disadvantage of a personal trainer is the cost of hiring one. Group exercises and memberships in the gym are always more cheaper. But if you weigh all the pros and cons I think the choice is just one. In the end you get what you pay for!

How can a personal trainer help with weight loss

If you are interested in a healthy way to lose weight or to transform your body, a personal trainer is a must. Weight loss is a multi-layered process, because you must transform individual physiology, morphology, body composition, aerobic and anaerobic system, muscle condition etc… Everything is changing including hormones and state of the mind. Because of that complex system an expert is needed to achieve that goal, smooth and without errors.

McClaran (2003) found that weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increased the client’s ability to move upward through the stages of change in regard to physical activity. Overall, 60 percent of study participants moved up one stage, while 13 percent moved up two stages, demonstrating evidence of health-behavior change over a 10-week period.

an orange, a diary and a meter for your personal training sessions

You can even lose weight without a personal trainer, but the question is how you lost it and what was included in the process.

From my personal experience people who tried to lose weight by themselves experienced yo-yo effect very often, lots of injuries (problem with joints, tendon trauma, chronic fatigue) and had a totally wrong diet plan and exercise periodization. All that resulted with saturation and withdrawal and in the end some of them gained even more weight than they had prior to their weight loss process. Point: find a quality professional personal trainer!

Unrealistic expectations from a personal trainer

If you hire a personal trainer do not think you will lose weight or gain any other goal if you listen to him only during the private trainings. Transformation of your body begins in your mind first, with your habits, persistence, discipline, diet.

Remember it is a complex system and you are a very important variable too! If you do not fulfill all the variables, do not have any expectations.

However, it has been shown that exercising individuals, who do not experience any overall weight loss still decrease their risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease (Ross & Janssen, 1999). The current research suggests that exercise without weight loss is actually linked to reductions in visceral fat (Ross & Janssen 1999).

Sometimes if you do not see fast results that does not mean there is no internal change, which is often more important!

So can a personal trainer really help? My conclusion of this article is that areal (professional) personal trainer can help, but you must find a quality one. So find that person and begin a transformation with no excuses.



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