3 muffin top melter workouts, perfect for the busy time of year coming up on us all.  Use these 3 short but intense workouts to melt the fat away. Great for the home with little to no equipment required. Good luck

Workout 1: Tabata workout

This needs a stop watch or a timer. You can choose your duration of each exercise. I always use a 4 or 5 minute routine. And you work on a 20seconds on time and a 10 second recovery time.


Exercise 1 – back lunge to criss cross 5min 20sec on 10sec off
Exercise 2 – 1x push up to 2x jack legs 5min 20sec on 10sec off
Exercsie 3 – Jump squat 5min 20sec on 10sec off
Exercise 4 – walk out push up 5min 20sec on 10sec off
Exercise 5 – underwire push up 5min 20sec on 10sec off
Exercise 6 cross crunch elbow to knee 3 minutes 20sec on and 10 sec off
Exercise 7 toe tap abs 3 minutes 20sec on and 10 sec off
Exercise 8 plank leg ext 3 minutes 20sec on and 10 sec off

Workout 2: Ladder work

calorie burning workouts _2

This works on intensity and the sets drop in repetitions.

You’ll need either a set of dumbbells and or a kettlebell or some form of resistance.

Squat press x50
Rock Climber x50
Squat upright row x 40
Plank jacks x 40
Kettle bell or dumbbell – Swing squat x30
1 x push up to ski jacks x 30
Side lunge x 20
Burpee x 20
Sql leg deadlift x 10 each side
Get ups x 10

And repeat for a total of 2 sets. Should take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Workout 3: Tonn UP

And the third and final muffin top workout is another body weight training system called a Tonn UP.

Each time you do this you always start with exercise number 1 and go down to 10. So set 1 is exercise 1 then rest, set 2 is exercise 1 and then 2 then rest. Set 3 is exercise 1, 2 and 3 then rest and so fourth all the way to ten. Then you work back up the ladder.


1. Back step lunge x 10 each leg
2. Push up x 9
3. Lying on back knee to chest x 8
4. Prisoner squat x7
5. Tri press x 6
6. Rev curl x 5
7. Jump lunge x4 each leg
8. T twist push up x 3
9. Reptiles x 2 each side
10. Burpee x 1

And then you just flip the exercises around

So on the second set you start with 10 burpees, 9 reptiles, t wist push x 8 etc.

Why not combine these workouts with a Fat Shred Diet plan to get maximum results

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