Callanetics goes straight to the foundations of an exciting figure through the activation of the deepest body muscles, producing amazing results immediately.

Most feel a difference within minutes and see dramatic results within hours![1]

This form of stretching and contracting exercise, activated in the body’s largest muscles groups, through tiny, gentle, and precise movements called “pulses” comes from founder and creator Callan Pinckney.


She has helped millions of people around the world shed weight off of their figure through the triple slow motion of reaching deep into the muscles to give you a strong, firm body without adding bulk. [2]

A movement that defies gravity through working to get your muscles strong, lifting the skin as the muscles continues to gain strength and direction is a primary function of Callanetics.

All the exercises place emphasis on techniques that prevent you from putting any strain on the lower back through stretching the spine at the same time you are working the surrounding muscles, allowing alleviation of lower back pressure  and improvement of spinal posture.

When this happens, the neck region and the area between the shoulder blades loosens up, making it easier and more manageable to pull your shoulders back and stand up straight with good posture.

The neck will appear longer, you will look taller, and your appearance will look more enhanced, as Callanetics will aid in tightening the muscles that you never thought possible too.

Plus, it only takes a few short hours to see these astounding results as this modality of exercise is one of the few that will protect and strengthen your back; use tiny, precise, and delicate pulsing movements to work your heart in a gentle and kind way; and is accommodating to whatever age, sex, or physical condition you may have (it is never too late to rejuvenate your body and achieve a great body!).[3]

To introduce you to a few Callanstics movements, here are the top 5 exercises to try today:

1. Plank:

This exercise movement helps to develop core strength, stability and endurance in both the abdominals, back, as well as the stabilizer muscles.

Start on your hands and knees; straighten one leg back at a time, curling toes under, lifting knees up off the floor. Lower yourself down onto your forearms, pull your abdominals in tight (belly button to spine) with back flat; create a straight line from head to heels. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Downward Dog:

This exercise deeply stretches the back, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves. It also opens up the chest and builds upper body strength.

Start on hands and knees with your knees hip width apart and hands shoulder width apart. Inhale, curl toes under heels. Exhale and lift your hips up as you push back straightening your arms and legs (don’t lock your knees) coming into an upside down “V” shape.

Spread fingers wide, press chest down towards toes, tail bone towards sky, and work on lowering your heels down towards the floor.

Allow head to hang and breathe naturally, holding for 30-60 seconds.

3. Inclined Push Ups:

This exercise works the chest, arms, abs, back and shoulders.

Callaneticsa full guide and top 5 exercises to try2

Kneeling on your mat, face a low sturdy object (ex. Bench or chair), placing both hands on object wider than shoulders. Keep down on your knees and lean forward from your hips, lift up onto your toes for added intensity.

Create a flat back from head to heels (similar to plank position), pulling your abdominals in tight. Inhale and lower your body, bending arms until elbows are at 90 degrees. Exhale and push up to your starting position, straightening arms without locking our elbows. Repeat incline pushups 8 to 15 repetitions.

4. Open and Close:

This exercise will build up incredible strength throughout your entire body with special emphasis on shaping the legs, inner thighs and abdominals.

Sit on your mat, knees bent and upper back leaning against a sturdy object. Scoot your bottom forwards away from your object about 3-8 inches (you don’t want to be sitting on your tailbone).

Reach arms upward, and hold on to your object with both hands; pull your knees up and in towards your chest, leaving toes on your mat.

Relax shoulders and neck, curling pelvis up and lifting toes up off the mat, straightening legs out (no locking knees) in front of you as far up off the floor as you can, pointing your toes.

Inhale, open legs wide; exhale, slowly squeeze legs together. Repeat 10-50 times, splitting repetitions into 4 sets of 10 repetitions or 2 sets of 25 repetitions.

5. Double Straight Leg Lower:

This exercise will target the lower abdominals specifically.

Lying flat on your back, bring knees towards your chest. Extend your legs one at a time, straight up towards the ceiling and pointing your toes. Have arms stretched out along sides, palms down, chest open.

Allow your lower back to melt into your mat (belly button to spine), relaxing shoulders and neck.

Inhale, lower your legs down as low as you can without your lower back lifting or arching off your mat (never want to strain into your back); exhale, slowly bring your legs straight up using deep control of lower abdominals. Repeat leg lifts 8-12 times.

These are all great 5 Callanetics exercises to try that are not only easy to perform, but will produce great results through challenging the body through a greater range of motion and movement.




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