There is a large misconception that in order to be lean and fit, you must workout at a gym or have multiple pieces of gym equipment at home. That just isn’t the case. I often do purely calisthenics workouts with intense results and I can do them anywhere. So if you’re limited on time, space and accessibility to gym equipment, this is the workout for you.


It’s simple. Calisthenics are exercises performed using nothing but your own body weight for resistance (aka body-weight exercises). There are many other body-weight exercises, but let’s start with the basics.


You can have a killer workout using just 4 movements with various alterations of the movement to change the intensity based on your fitness level. These 4 movements include:

– Lunges
– Squats
– Push-ups
– Jumping jacks

Calisthenics is used to improve endurance and cardiovascular function, increase your resting metabolic rate, which in turn will burn fat more efficiently, increase your flexibility and strength, and enhance your agility and balance. You’ll find many athletes training using calisthenics workouts both on and off season.


If you’re wanting to lose weight, increase your endurance, burn fat, tone muscle and not have the expense of a gym or buying your own equipment, calisthenics is right up your alley. Simple as that.


I’m going to provide you with 3 different workouts – beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can repeat each circuit for a set amount of time (30 minutes, for example) or you can do a certain number of sets (5, for example).

Whichever way you chose, you must stick to that decision and finish the workout. If the time or the number of sets needs to be changed, you can adjust it appropriately the next time you do it. Complete the circuit with little to no rest between exercises and rest for 1-2 minutes at the end of each circuit before you begin the next one.



Jumping Jacks x 15
Squats x 10
Stationary lunges x 10 each leg
Push-ups on knees x 5
Jumping Jacks x 15
Alternating forward lunges x 10 each leg
Squats x 10
Incline push-ups x 5
Jumping Jacks x 15


Jumping Jacks x 25
Squats x 20
Stationary lunges x 15 each leg
Incline push-ups x 10
Jumping Jacks x 25
Alternating forward lunges x 15 each leg
Jump squats x 15
Push-ups x 5
Jumping Jacks x 25


Jumping Jacks x 50
Jump squats x 20
Jump lunges x 10 each leg
Push-ups x 10
Jumping Jacks x 50
Alternating forward then reverse lunges x 10 each leg
Jump squats x 20
Push-ups x 10
Jumping Jacks x 50

You can make any exercise more difficult by adding a jump to it.

Make sure your squats get your upper leg parallel to the floor (do not go below parallel) and your knees do not go forward beyond your toes.

Your lunges should bring your back knee to just a few inches above the floor, and again, the forward knee should not go beyond your toes. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, and eyes forward when performing your lunges and squats.

Proper form makes a huge difference in the results and intensity of the workout. Don’t cheat yourself by cheating during your workouts!

Remember, these are basic calisthenics workouts. Send me an email or message on Facebook if you’re looking for something a little more intense or with more variation. Until next time…

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