The problem nowadays when you step into any gym is you see men always working on their upper bodies only and it doesn’t go unnoticed by others.

Men out of proportion is a common theme these days but even with a few jokes out there no one really tackles the issue and to be honest I believe in live and let live as long as they are happy so be it.

For those among us who actually like a leg day it can be hard to get into the right shape we want so help is at hand to get those legs looking better and more importantly those glutes the way you want them to look and feel for our partners and ourselves, no longer shall we look like we just stepped out of the school yard.


Follow the next 3 workouts and get your butt in shape literally.


This workout is designed for those of us who might not have access to a gym or have the time everyday to workout so heres a home workout to get that butt moving in the right direction. All you need is a broomstick and let’s go…

Zercher Squat 5 sets of 20 reps grab a broomstick and let it lie in the middle of your arms i.e. like you’re cradling it. Sit down as far as you can and allow your elbows to touch your knees squeeze the glutes at the top of the motion for a little more activation.

Sissy Squat  5 sets of 20 reps hold the broomstick vertically keep your feet together and squat down to the floor trying to keep feet flat.

One leg glute bridge 4 sets 20 reps per leg lie on your back with one leg bent foot flat on the floor and one leg straight push your hips up in the air and squeeze hard in your glutes.

Forward backward lunges 6 sets 20 reps per leg starting with one leg at a time lunge forward and then with the same leg lunge backwards make sure your step out and back as far as you feel comfortable doing this to activate the glutes as much as possible.

Curtsy squats 4 sets of 24 reps to do this move start with your feet in squat position then bring one leg behind the other and touch the knee down just behind the foot then push back up and immediately drop into the opposite side doing the same and keep alternating for the whole set.


Sometimes its the case you go to the gym and almost every machine you wanna use is being used  every dumbbell and every barbell has a waiting list and it just doesn’t seem your day in this case your gonna need to back that butt up and use my backup plan.

Using some of the less favoured equipment in the gym and some more body weight exercises we can achieve the best for those glutes.

TRX Squat 5 sets of 20 position is key make sure you have a stance and an angle that will allow you to sit down almost all the way to the floor and push back up again and when it becomes easy thats when the handles should be adjusted higher to put more emphasis on the legs, again squeezing the glutes at the top of the motion hard will just add a little extra to this exercise.

TRX Glute Bridge 5 sets 60 seconds each

Again using the suspension cables but this time we put our feet in the hooks and press our hips in the air squeezing the glutes hard and returning our body to the floor. Do as many as you can manage in 60 seconds.

Goblet Sumo Squat 5 sets of 12-20 reps

Using a kettle bell or other heavy object hold the object against your chest like you were clutching a massive goblet glass then put your feet as wide as they can go and sit down towards the floor as low as you can manage. I always aim to get my elbows and knees to touch each other at least.

Kettlebell Swing 5 sets of 20 reps

lose the excuses2


A hard exercise to master but certainly an effective one when done right for the glutes.

Have a slight bend in your legs at the knee but try keep them as straight as you can we want to swing the kettle bell using our hips only that means as it swings forward you are gonna squeeze the glutes hard forcing the kettle bell to move rather than using momentum too much as the motion takes the kettle bell higher you bend more at the hips in order to keep your legs for bending too much.

Jumping Lunges to Double Glute Kicks 4 sets 2 mins each.

I would call this a finisher of sorts to perform this exercise you need a matt at the side we perform jumping lunges going into the lunge position and exploding into the next lunge for the opposite leg doing these as fast as we can for the first 60 seconds at the half way mark we lie face down on the matt arms out to the side for balance and keeping your legs straight we kick both legs in the air as high as we can squeezing tight on the glutes for the remainder of time.


This is the workout for the serious lifters out there the ones that like to go heavy so lets get down and have a serious workout and not be the butt of any jokes. Some old school exercises to be done here but with a twist.

Squat 5 sets 12 reps we all should know how to do a squat by now but doing so with extremely heavy weight usually doesn’t allow people to go as low as they can but maybe the lower weight doesn’t challenge you enough well heres the first twist.

Tempo training I want you to take 4 seconds to go down pause for 6 seconds and explode back up as always I want you to try go as low as possible and again I want you to squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement.

Romanian Deadlift 4 sets of 12 reps no magic trick here try keep your legs as straight as possible feel the stretch all the way up into the glutes as we allow the weight to lower and again tense the glutes on the way back up at the top of the motion before restarting.

Walking Lunges 4 sets the twist is you do as many reps as your legs allow I prefer doing these with kettle bells it allows me to push more with the leading leg, stretching the glute out even more but a barbell or dumbbells are fine to use as well.

Do these until you fail then if after 10 seconds you cannot continue rest up and get ready for the next set.

Squat to Curtsy Squat 5 sets of 24 reps with a lighter barbell on your back start with a squat then go down to one side in the curtsy squat position then back up, do a squat again then move over to the other side and perform the curtsy squat again, then back up squat and repeat the process for a count of 24.

Box Step Up with Glute Kick 6 sets 16 reps find a box or raised area you can safely step up onto. Grab some heavy dumbbells or kettle bells and one leg at a time step up onto the raised surface and kick your other leg backwards squeezing the glute muscles.

Come back down and repeat for 8 reps before swapping legs.

To advance this exercise you could add ankle weights or even find a higher surface to step up onto.

I know from experience all these exercises will make other parts of your legs and sometimes body feel like they are doing the work on the day, that doesn’t mean they are not working because again from experience I know how much muscle pain you can feel the day after specifically in the glutes so stick with the plan no butts or maybes and achieve your goals of a nice butt for all to see.

There are many more exercises for the glutes and if you would like some more please do not hesitate to contact me.

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