” I like big butts I cannot lie…”

This is the leading line from Sir Mix-a-Lot, which has shaken the world.

And after having Beyonce’s, Jennifer Lopez’ and Kim Kardashian’s backsides in our eyes almost on daily basis, thanks to very proactive paparazzi, no surprise that many of us women want to have a great, firm and rounded butt.


Furthermore, it’s one of the main assets that a man notices on a woman nowadays.

So how do you start?

1. Take a picture of your butt = it’s good to see where you’re currently standing with your backside and how much action may be required.
2. Put a picture of the ideal butt you want to get and keep inspiring yourself whenever you don’t feel like going to a gym or exercise at home.
3. Write yourself a list of reasons why you want to have a great butt.
4. Write yourself a list of reasons that may stop you from keeping up with the exercises and prepare a fighting defence against it.
5. Tell your friends about your mission of getting a great firm butt (you’re more likely to stick to it and won’t give up).
6. Train with your friend and get yourself in a healthy competition against each other.

You may not know it but your butt (Gluteus) is made up of the strongest and biggest muscles in your entire body. It’s a shame that most of us, use it mainly for sitting in the office.

Well, now your butt is getting a chance to get more attention than ever before and so will you!

In case you are a beginner and are too afraid to enter a gym world of self-obsessed, perfect and sometimes even scary looking folks, start with some exercises at home:

5 days a week; 3 sets; 15 repetitions

1. Donkey kicks:

Get on all fours – lift one leg and bend it in your knee in 90 degrees angle – keep your back straight and your head in line with your spine – don’t forget to engage your core muscles and imagine that your belly button is attached to your spine.

Lift the leg up and down and squeeze the half of your butt with every repetition you do.

Repeat it 15x and without any stopping continue with the same leg and perform small pulses of 15x reps – at the end hold the highest position (without over arching your back) for at least 15 seconds – then rest it for 10 sec and carry on with 2nd set.

Perform a total of 3 sets and then change your legs.

2. Donkey kicks sideways:

Stay on all fourth – keep your leg bend in 90 degrees angle but this time bring it to the side and perform a big movement up and down.

While you are doing it, try not to lean to the side and instead focus on keeping your core muscles tight.

Soon you will realize that you are not only working and shaping your butt but also creating some ABS lines. Again perform a total of 3 sets and 15 repetitions on each leg and at the end of each set, hold the leg up for at least 15 seconds.

To increase the intensity of these exercises you can use ankle weights which range from 0,5g – 2kg. If Google is your good friend you can find even heavier weights.

For real Pro’s I can suggest using a dumbbell that is between your calf and hamstrings.

However, it may be little bit unstable; therefore I would stick to the ankle weights and do more repetitions or slower motions to increase the intensity.

3. Bridges:

Lie on your back – bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor – squeeze your butt and press your torso and lower body off the floor so that your weight is now balancing on your shoulders and feet – lower back down – perform 3 sets of 15 reps with minimum breaks.

Your Gluteus should be burning and if not- increases the intensity by doing pulses and holding your Gluteus up for 15 seconds.

You can make this exercise harder:

-Lying on the floor and holding one leg straight up whilst keeping the other leg bend on the floor and lifting your pelvis up & down; or
– By performing this exercise on top of the Swiss Ball; or
– By holding a barbell  on top of your hips and lifting your pelvis up & down;

These exercises should give you a good start to a firmer butt; however, it’s just a small step to perfection!

If you’re more serious about getting a real butt… that makes guys twisting their neck on the street… that shouts out „WOW „ wherever you pass… that fits into jeans… and even Sir Mix-a-Lot would be proud. Read next!

1. Squats , squats and again squats:


I may sound like a broken record but it’s true; properly performed squat will make your butt, bigger, firmer & leaner. There are different types of squats that you can do to avoid boredom:

Basic squat – legs are shoulders width apart and you can hold dumbbells, kettlebells or hold a barbell on top of your shoulders

Front squat – one advantage is – you get to be more aware of your core muscles which you must hold in the whole time especially on the way up. These squats are usually performed with a barbell on top of your shoulders that are crossed and creating a „table“for the barbell.

Sumo squat – you can use a dumbbell, a kettlebell or a barbell. For this type of exercise is better to use a heavier equipment so you can get to feel it.

Legs are widely apart – toes pointing sideways and you’re holding your weight in the middle whilst keeping your back straight and head in line with your spine. Aim to bend your legs and go as low as you can.

You may not feel the effectiveness of this exercise immediately but wait for the next day when DOMS starts kicking in.

Bulgarian split squat – don’t worry no need to travel all the way to Bulgaria!!;-) – use a small table, box or a chair and stand behind it – bring one leg forward and the other leg put on the e.g. box.

Both legs should be bend and knees pointing to the floor creating 90 degrees angle. Once you are set – keep your back straight and shoulders in line with your hips and aim to get as low as your flexibility allows you – every single rep you do make sure you squeeze your butt at the final position on the way up.

Single leg squat – very easy exercise that can be performed at home or at the gym and makes miracle to your butt thanks to its effectiveness.

Simply stand in front of a mirror – hold on to a bar, mirror or even get your friend involved – lift one leg up and keep it up throughout the whole one set – bend the leg you’re standing on and imagine you want to sit down and stand up – repeat 15x and then change legs.

For most of these exercises you can use a pair of dumbbells, barbell, and kettlebells or just use your own body weight.

You can be in charge of your intensity by either changing the weight, speed up the performed exercise, minimize the breaks between each set, or progress the exercise.

I wish you all the best of luck during this mission of getting a great butt. Don’t forget there is only one Beyonce, Kim Kardashian or J.LO and there is also only one of YOU! So make every rep count and maybe then you can be the next BOOTY STAR J.

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