I think every woman will agree with me when I say that we want to look as good exiting a room as we do entering it.  Over the years, without realizing it, I spent countless hours incorrectly training my glutes.

Although lunging, squatting, and enduring many sets on the leg press machine will provide some improvement to the glutes, these exercises are NOT glute-focused movements.

In order to understand how to totally engage the gluteal muscles to achieve maximum results and provide the “butt lift” we are all seeking, we need to understand the three muscles that comprise the glutes and how to activate them to achieve results.


The three muscles that make up the gluteals are:

1. Gluteus maximus: largest of the gluteal muscles and forms the bulk of the buttock mass and is worked through extension of the thigh;

2. Gluteus medius: second largest and mostly covered by gluteus maximus and worked through adduction and lateral rotation of the thigh; and

3. Gluteus minimus: smallest and deepest of the gluteal muscles and worked the same as the gluteus medius.

I realized that the only way to properly train the glutes in order to see results was to truly understand them.  Once I was informed about the muscles that made up the gluteal region, I was better able to train them to accomplish what I wanted…a firm and lifted backside in the shortest amount of time.

Basically, I wanted a “butt lift” without going under the knife.  By performing a series of exercises that targeted and developed each of the gluteal muscles, I was able to see a difference.  I am confident that you can too!

Below, I have put together a circuit that will target all three parts of the gluteal muscles while burning fat.  These two components will provide the “butt lift” that seems to elude most of us.

The best part is,  you can do this circuit anywhere because all it requires is your own body weight. Of course, if you’d like to step it up a notch (I always do), you can add weights to most of the exercises.

butt lift workout2

 If you perform this butt lift workout circuit twice a week you will see and feel results

– One-leg deadlifts (15 on each leg)
– One-leg squats (15 on each leg)
– Lateral side lunges (15 on each leg)
– Squats with alternating side leg lifts (15 on each leg) **be sure feet are pointing forward and legs are hip width apart when performing the squat portion.
– Single leg hip thrusts (15 on each leg)
– Side lunge into a curtsy lunge (15 each leg –alternating sides)
– Side lying hip abduction (15 each leg)

The above circuit should be completed twice, moving from one exercise to the next with little to no rest and resting a minute before repeating.  Follow the circuit with this 5 minute plyometric routine that will further activate the muscles AND burn fat:

– 1 minutes of split squats
– 1 minutes of jumping jacks
– 1 minute of mountain climbers
– 1 minute of high knees
– 1 minute of butt kickers

Keep in mind that no “butt lift” program is complete without the implementation of a clean diet to keep body fat low.  It is a fact that you cannot shape fat!  Working the gluteal muscles properly will give you the best chance at shaping them but without a proper diet, you will not reap the benefits of your hard work.  Over-consuming calories will inevitably lead to fat accumulation…no ands, ifs, or “butts” about it!

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