No matter what season it is, everyone is looking for that magical way to burn fat and build muscle. And I have the No.1 answer!

Just kidding…

Our body is designed to be efficient but it is not so simple and so there is no single answer to weight loss and muscle gain.


We can, however, aid the process of fat burning and muscle gain through controlling our diet and supplements, understanding our different body types and by investing in high intensity, heavy hitting sessions.

Below are 3 different types of sessions to meet all styles of training

One is an HIIT session, which has been proven to aid fat burn and be more efficient than longer sessions at moderate speeds. The other two sessions are weights based and are split into an upper body session and a lower body.

These again are designed to give you ideas and for you to experience a different type of training.

Just like with any other training session or exercise related activity, please exercise safely and modify any exercises if injured or new to high intensity training.

Session 1 – HITT Interval Training

Interval 1 on Treadmill (4.5 minutes total)
– 1 min @ 10
– 30 seconds @ 9
– Perform 3 times

Interval 2 on Bike (5 – 6 minutes total)
– 1 minute seated with moderate resistance
– 45 seconds standing with high resistance (replicating hill sprints)
– Perform 3 times

Interval 3 (4.5 minutes total) Rower
– 1 minute sprint
– 30 seconds casual rowing (active recovery)
– Perform 3 times

– 1 minute doubles
– 30 seconds rest
– 1 minute alternating
– Perform 2 times

Session 2 – Superset Routine Upper Body

burn fat and build muscle_2This session is a super set session. In the past I have it set out in a circuit format although the structure can be altered as long as the partnered exercises are performed together.

Method 1:

Performing this as a simple sets and reps routine. For the set to be successful you must complete all reps and keep your technique. Base your reps and sets on 3 sets of 12 reps and begin with a weight you know you can push or pull 12 times.

Method 2:

Applying a circuit format and performing 1-minute rounds followed by 1-minute rest.

(This method is not for beginners)

– Bicep Curls
– Hammer Curls

– Bench Press
– Pushups

– Seated Row
– Assisted Chin ups

As the session continues, drop back the weight lifted if form and technique is declining.

If you still have some strength left, apply the battle ropes challenge from the HIIT routine for a great finish.

Session 3 – Legs and Core

This session is designed to build strength in your legs and core. It is very important to stretch after this routine.

You can perform all leg exercises together and then all core exercises together OR alternate between legs and core, depending on your time for working out and what fitness level you are at.

– Front BB Squats or Normal BB Squats 3 x 12
– Straight Leg Dead lift 3 x 12
– Kettle Bell Cross Over

– Wall Sit with 10kg weight plate 45 seconds x 3
– Mountain Climbers 1 minute x 3
– Plank 1 minute x 3

(45 seconds rest in between sets)

These sessions are high intensity but will ultimately help shed any unwanted fat whilst building strength and muscle tone.

Whether you train on your own, with friends or are helped by a wonderful trainer, these sessions will help you get those fitness goals happening!

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