If running on a treadmill for longer than 10 minutes is your idea of hell, then HIIT may be the answer to helping shed some of that unwanted fat that can take hold around our stomach region. 

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of training which involves high intensity exercise for short bursts of time.

Depending on the structure of the workout and your overall fitness goal, HIIT is fantastic for a quick workout without compromising the effectiveness of the training session.


The basics

Intervals can range from twenty seconds to five minutes. If you are unsure about the how much work vs how much rest you should be doing, ask a fitness professional for guidance.

A lot of my clients generally go for the 2:1 ratio, i.e. one minute high intensity and 30 seconds active recovery.

Workload is generally performed at 80% to 90% of a person’s maximum heart rate with rest periods dropping to 40%- 50% maximum heart rate.

– HIIT can be modified and personalised to differing fitness levels and abilities.

– HIIT training is full of variety and can include general cardio to body weight exercises or circuit style group training.

– HIIT only needs to be performed once or twice a week due to the intensity of the session and recovery time.

burn belly fat_2The Benefits

Benefits of HIIT training include improvements in aerobic and anaerobic fitness and improvements in blood pressure and heart health.

HIIT training enables you to lose weight whilst maintaining muscle mass.

One of the main benefits and reasons why this is an effective training method for weight loss is due to EPOC, which stands for post exercise oxygen consumption.

The body will continue to burn through calories post workout as the body readjusts after intense exercise. This means that energy continues to be consumed even after the workout has stopped.

Things to consider when doing HIIT training are duration, intensity and frequency of the session.

HIIT is meant to be challenging due to the intensity.

The exercises are not meant to be performed for extended periods of time so it’s important to plan out sessions and recovery time.

Examples of HIIT workouts

The first is a beginner workout which acts as an introductory to intervals while still providing a great workout.

The second workout is a little harder with less rest involved. You should aim to maintain technique for exercises and ease back if you feel your form is suffering due to fatigue.

Remember to always warm up before and stretch after!

Workout one – Beginner HIIT

Each round is 45 second rounds and there is a 15 seconds rest between the intervals.

– Skipping
– Step ups or Stairs
– Push Ups
– Plank
– Squats
– Mountain Climbers
– Crunches

Take a one minute rest at the end of a round. Repeat three times 

burn belly fat_3Workout two – Intermediate level

This workout combines cardio intervals on a rower and medicine ball exercises.

Structure this workout as a relay, with the minute of cardio performed first and then the medicine ball exercise performed next, followed by another round of cardio until 1 full round is complete.

There is 20 seconds rest in between the intervals.

– Rower x 1 minute
– 20 seconds rest
– Medicine Ball shoulder press x 1 minute
– 20 seconds rest
– Rower x 1 Minute
– 20 seconds rest
– Medicine Ball push ups x 1 minute
– 20 Second Rest
– Rower x 1 Minute
– 20 Second Rest
– Medicine Ball Squat
– 20 Second Rest
– Rower x 1 Minute
– 20 Second Rest
– Medicine Ball Crunches

Take a one minute rest at end of a round. Repeat three times.

Need advice or help on structuring a session to burn belly fat? Check out my page and get in touch for some exercise guidance. Enjoy!

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