Winter sports season is well and truly upon us and it is worth noting that it is imperative that your body is in decent enough shape and physically prepared to handle the demands of the tough environment.

The endurance workout

Enough of the talking… it’s time to get to the important part – the workout! Here’s my go-to workout plan to build stamina for winter sports.


It’s great for injury prevention, strength, endurance and will give you more confidence and enjoyment before hitting the slopes.

1A. Dumbbell Sumo Dead-lift Pyramid Set

Set up three respectable weighted DBs ranging lightest to heaviest (first weight should be around 65% 1 rep max) for example: 35kg, 37.5kg and 40kg.

– On the lightest lift it for a set of 15reps

– Next weight up for 12 reps

– Heaviest for 10 reps

1B. TRX suspended lunge

Set up your TRX into single mode and mid-calf length.

Eccentrically lower until your knee is hovering just above the floor. Take 3 seconds to lower then rise up concentrically in 1 second. Perform 10 reps like this, and on the final 5 speed up the lowering phase and jump explosively landing like a spring.

Repeat exercises 1A and 1B 3 times.

2A. Bear Crawl to Push Up

From a standing position bend into a deep squat position, lower hands onto the floor and crawl to a push up position and perform 2 push-ups.

Set the timer for 1 minute.

2B. Medicine Ball Power Step and Press

You’ll need a bench, Reebok step or plyo platform and a 3-6kg medicine ball. Start with one foot on the stepper and the ball at your chest. Explosively drive off using your top foot fully at the same time pressing the ball overhead. Catch the platform with the other foot and repeat.

Set the timer also for 1 minute.

Repeat exercises 2A and 2B 3 times.

Medicine Ball Power Step and Press3A. TRX Hamstring Curl

Put your heels into the foot cradles of the TRX lying supine. Lift your hip off the floor and move your heels towards your butt.

Set the timer for 45 seconds.

3B. TRX Hip Press

In the same position as the hamstring curl only this time start in a bent knee position. Simply press your hip until it is fully extended and reverse to the floor. 3 seconds up and 3 seconds to lower.

Set the timer for 45 seconds and repeat both exercises 3 times.

Finisher Circuit:

Speed Skaters: 45 seconds

Mountain Climbers: 45 seconds

180 degree Squat Jumps 1 minute

Thread the needle side planks 45 secs each side

Repeat twice through resting at 1 minute between sets.

Each exercise is designed to increase your endurance and can be adjusted to any body type and level of fitness, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Make sure you continue to challenge yourself through the exercises – if it’s easy, you’re not working hard enough!

So there you have it, a nice challenging program to prepare you for the slopes.

Do the hard work now and you’ll reduce the chances of injury and muscle pain significantly – and at the same time, have much more fun during your holiday!

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