In Part 2 of Get A Beach Body I take you through the remaining key exercises 6-10! Check out Part 1 here…

6. Reverse hip extension

This is a great exercise to shape your bottom Targets: glutes and hamstrings


How to Perform: Using a low pulley machine and the stirrup attachment. Place one foot into the stirrup and take hold of the machine for balance. Sweep your leg back maintaining a slight bend at your knee. Squeeze your glutes at the end position and control the weights back. For this exercise perform 10 reps on each leg i.e. 20 in total.

Build a beach body Part 2_2

7. Bicycle crunch

Targets: core (in particular the muscles that power and control rotational movements) and hip flexors (the muscles to the top, front of your thighs).

How to Perform: Lie on your back and twist and lift through your core as you bring your opposite elbow to your knee. Return to the start position and repeat with other elbow and knee. Don’trest your back on the floor between reps to maintain tension and increase the workload on your core.

Build a beach body Part 2_3

8. Plank

Targets: core (through a non-movement, isometric exercise)

How to Perform: Assume a press-up type position but with your weight supported on your forearms. Keep your core braced throughout and remember to breathe during the exercise.

Build a beach body Part 2_4

9. Bent over dumbbell fly

This is a great exercise to add balance and poise to your beach ready body. Targets: rear shoulders and back

How to Perform: Bend forwards at the waste and whilst maintaining a slight bend at your elbows lift the dumbbells up so that they are in-line with your shoulders. Lower under control and stay strong throughout.

Build a beach body Part 2_5

10. Plank and under twist

Targets: core

How to Perform: Assume a press-up position with arms extended. Bring one knee across below your body and toward your opposite elbow. You will need to dip and rotate your core to do this. Take the leg back to the start position, re-set yourself and repeat with the other leg to the other elbow. For this exercise perform 10 reps to each side, so 20 in total.

Build a beach body Part 2_6

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