It’s time to get your beach body and you will with our leg-centric, metabolism boosting resistance workout.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue, burning calories all day and every day. Our legs and our bottoms are our most muscled body parts, thus if we can develop greater leanness through resistance training in these regions then the rest of our bodies will benefit. The workout does include some specifically selected core and arm exercises to balance it and your beach ready body out, but the big moves are the leg ones, such as the deadlift and lunges and the ones that will get you in great beach ready shape.

More on why the leg emphasis – As indicated the legs and bottom have the largest muscles. Creating greater shape and leanness here will also as indicated boost your calorie burning. An increase in 0.45kg/1lbs of lean muscle can result in an extra 20-30kcal being burned a day all day and every day. Doesn’t sound a lot, but remember this will occur 24/7 and could amount to a notional fat loss over a year of over 3lbs.


Do our Leg-centric Beach Ready Workout twice a week for the next 4 weeks and as you relax on the beach you can rest assured that your body will be working hard burning calories!

HiiT combines the Leg-centric Beach Ready workout with two high intensity interval (HIIT) workouts on two other days during your training week to really boost your calorie burn and fire up your metabolism. Do, for example 10 x 30 seconds bike sprints with 45 seconds gentle pedalling recovery. Use a high level of resistance on the work intervals and then drop it down during the recovery periods. You could do similar on a stepper to really target your glutes and work this metabolism boosting area area further.

The leg-centric beach ready workout

Warm up:

Start with 5min of CV work and perform functional movements for all body parts, such as arm swings and marching on the spot.

Use a medium to heavy weight – one where you would have difficulty completing 8-10 reps with good form (unless otherwise indicated) and perform 3-4 sets. Take 60 secs recovery between sets and exercises. Lifting speed: try to lift to a 1 count and lower to a 2 count (where relevant). Doing this will make sure your muscles get a full workout, working both concentrically and eccentrically.

A concentric contraction occurs when a muscle shortens under load and an eccentric one when it lengthens under load, focussing on working both muscular this will maximise the conditions for lean muscle development. Try to increase the weight you lift workout by workout. You need to push beyond previous limits to stimulate increased muscle development and leanness.

Your Leg-centric Beach Ready Week’s Training:

Monday: HIT
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Leg-centric workout
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Leg-centric workout
Saturday: HIT
Sunday: Rest

1. Dumbbell walking lunge targets:

Targets legs and bottom. How to Perform: Hold dumbbells at arms length. Keep your trunk elevated and take a large step forward. Lower so that both knee joints are bent to 90-degrees. Bring your back leg to the front and stand up and then lunge forward with the other leg. For this exercise perform 10 lunges on each leg i.e. 20 in total.

Get a body beach Part 1_2

2. Lateral lunge targets:

Thighs in particular insides (adductors)

How to Perform: Position a barbell across the back of your shoulders. Stand tall and then take a large step to one side. Ensure that you turn your foot in the direction of the lunge to enable your knee to hinge safely. Push back through your heel to return to the start position. Set yourself and then lunge to the other side. Keep your core braced throughout. For this exercise perform 10 lunges on each leg i.e. 20 in total.

Get a body beach Part 1_3

3. Deadlift

This is a great compound move that will get your bottom and hamstring muscles working hard. This is a must do exercise for women. Targets: bottom, hamstrings and back.

How to Perform: Using an over-grasp (palms on top) grip, hang the bar in front of your shins and incline your trunk forward. Lift the weight up by using your hips and engaging your hamstrings and glutes. This is not a squat. Lower under control and repeat. Do not arch your back. Maintain a neutral spine position.

Get a body beach Part 1_4

4. High pulley rope triceps pull-over

This is a great exercise to tone and strengthen the upper arms and its inclusion will give your legs a well-needed break at this point in the workout. Targets: triceps how to Perform: Attach the rope to the high pulley and take hold of it, facing away from the machine. Stand in a short lunge position, holding the ends of the rope close together over your head. Extend your arms to lift the weight. Return the weights slowly to the start position. Keep your core braced throughout.

Get a body beach Part 1_5

5. Arms extended crunch row

For that trim and toned beach tum it’s time for some crunches. Targets: Lower abs and hip flexors

How to Perform: Lie on your back with your legs extended and arms extended and held off the floor. Pull your knees in towards your trunk to crunch. Extend your legs and lower slowly back to the start position. Repeat. Don’t rest your back on the floor between reps to increase difficulty.

Get a body beach Part 1_6


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