If you read Part 1 of my feature, you will know all about the butt muscles and what makes them grow.

Now it’s time to workout and build a booty!

Today I am going to share with you the perfect workout for building your booty and getting a strong lower body.


I suggest doing these exercises twice a week.  The rest of the week you should do cardio and work other muscle groups.  To build a booty you need to allow your butt muscles at least 24 hours of rest before you work them again. That rest will allow your muscles to recover and grow.

I recommend mixing and matching the following exercises in circuits, supersets or doing 3-5 sets of them individually.  If you are unsure about how much weight to lift during this workout, go read my previous article, to find out! For a personalized workout guide and detailed instructions on how to make this workout fit your goals visit my expert page.

Barbell, dumbbell or machine squat (8-12 reps)

If you want to grow your booty, then performing a basic squat is a must.  To get the most out of your squat, I want you to focus on a few things.

First, sit back in your squat.  You should be able to lift your toes at the bottom of your squat. If you can’t, that means your weight is too far forward and you’re loading your quads and knees instead of your butt and hamstrings.So sit back into the center and heel of your foot.

Second, squeeze your booty as you rise from your squat for an extra burn!

Third, watch that your knees are moving in the same direction as your feet are positioned.  Don’t let your knees cave in or push out as you squat down.  That’s not safe! Use your inner and outer thigh muscles to control the squat. Finally, get low! Try to drop your butt lower than your knees. By sitting lower in your squat you will work the “under booty” a bit more, which will really help lift your butt.

Deadlifts (8-12 reps)

Stand with your legs hip width apart, hold your weights against your thighs and stand up tall.  That is your starting position.  From there, hinge forward at your hips bringing the weight closer to your feet. As soon as you feel nice pull along your hamstrings, stand back up to the starting position.  Make sure your core is engaged and your back is flat during this exercise.  Be careful not to round your spine as you could injure your back and won’t be working the proper muscles.

Split stance deadlift (8-12 reps)

This is very similar to the standard deadlift, but this time your feet won’t be right next to each other.  Reach your right leg behind you about a foot (this is your split stance), and then perform the deadlift as you did before.  This variation works each leg separately and is even more challenging for your hamstrings.  Remember to do both sides and note that you will not lift as heavy a weight in this exercise as you did for the regular deadlift.

get a booty_2

Elevated deep squat (10-15 reps)

For this type of squat you should turn your feet out slightly, which will allow you to squat deeper.  Stand on two steps that are each about a foot off the ground.  By standing on the steps you can sit even lower, which makes it more effective for lifting your booty.  You can hold the weight of your choice in between your legs, but make sure to keep your chest lifted and not let the weight pull your upper body down.

Bulgarian split squat (10 reps)

For this exercise you will need to put your back foot on a chair or bench.  You will keep that foot there and perform a squat with your standing leg.  Hold your weights in each hand and keep your core strong to stay balanced.  Press through the heel of your standing foot to rise from the squat.

Abduction with seated machine (20 reps)

You’ve likely seen the seated abductor machine at your local gym and it’s pretty simple to use. You just sit in the seat and push your legs outward to work your outer thighs and butt.  To push more weight try lifting your butt off the seat and holding on to the front of the machine.

Single leg side leg press with machine (10 reps)

The leg press machine is great for building the lower body.  You can use it as normal or try this fun variation to isolate your butt more.  Sit on your left hip and put your right foot on the platform angled in the same direction as your left hip. Now perform your leg press using only the one leg. You should feel your outer thigh and butt fire up!

Walking squat with band (20 reps)

Wrap a resistance band around your ankles and get ready to feel your outer thighs and glutes. Sit low into a basic squat and stay low as you step to the left. Take ten steps to the left and ten steps to the right for a full set.

Hip Thrusts (20 reps)

This exercise is similar to a pilates bridge pose except your back should be on a bench or stability ball. The movement is a rising and lowering of the hips and you should squeeze your butt every time you lift your hips.  You may use weights by placing them on your lap.

Donkey Kicks (50 reps)

Get on all fours and extend your left leg back.  Bend the knee and press your heel towards the sky. Pulse your leg up like that 50 times before you switch sides. Challenge yourself by using bands or dumbbells for extra resistance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the workout – now it’s time to flaunt that brand new bangin’ booty.

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