The Center for Disease Control and the American College of Sports Medicine advise that walking 3-4 mph or faster is considered “brisk walking”.

Brisk walking will be a different pace for every person because of different fitness levels.


More important than the number of miles per hour, brisk walking should be considered walking at a moderate intensity which means your breathing harder and sweating. A good way to test yourself is the “talk test”.

The talk test is when you are exercising and you can only say a few words out loud without needing to take a breath. This is an easy way to see if you are working out at a moderate intensity.

So, why would you want to partake in “brisk walking”?

Here are 5 unexpected reasons it’s good for you!

#1. Accomplish more in a shorter workout.

Walking at a moderate intensity in which you are breathing hard and sweating will allow you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Everyone is short on time these days, so why not shorten up your walk by walking the same distance you usually would but try to get it done in a shorter amount of time.

#2. Brisk walking is an activity for life.

brisk walking_2

Brisk walking will allow you to get the benefits of a more intense workout with out the extra wear and tear on your joints. Some impact is good for bone density, but as we age, sometimes that impact can be too much for our joints. Walking is a physical activity that you can make challenging but still perform as you age.

#3. Brisk walking will strengthen your core & your butt!

In order to increase your pace, you need to engage your core as you walk. Keeping your shoulders pulled down and your abs pulled in will allow you to walk faster. Another way to increase the intensity of your walk is to walk uphill. Walking uphill will strengthen your gluts and increase your heart rate.

#4. Walking is good for your mind.

Studies have shown that walking improves your memory, reduces stress, and relieves depression. It can even help with sleep issues. It doesn’t have to be a long walk to reap these benefits. Even short walks throughout the day will give you benefits for your mind as well as your body.

#5. Brisk walking is a social activity.

Everyone can walk! It is inexpensive and accessible to everyone. Walking with a partner or a group of people makes exercise more fun, and if you are having fun, you are more likely to stick with your workout. Walking with a partner makes you accountable to your workout.

You are more likely to take your walk if you know someone is waiting for you than if you just go out on your own. People of all fitness levels can walk so it is great for everyone.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommend 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity 5 days per week. Brisk walking is an excellent activity to achieve this goal. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and you are ready to go!

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