I have devised some Glute Bridge exercises as well as tummy exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home, all you need is a matt, internet access to view my Youtube link and of course you.

My exercises are easy to follow with clear explanations giving you alternatives as well as levels, for a beginner to more advance to channel them muscles in them targeted areas.


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First exercise shown-

Glute bridge rises

Ideal for the beginner as well as someone suffering from lower back problems as well as strengthen the core by stabilizing the position.

Single leg glute circle rises

Ideal for the more advanced to medium level. By circulating the leg and stabilizing the upper torso to do the movement targets the tiny accessory muscles that don’t get used as much as the bigger muscles supposed to one who trains in the gym using compound exercises (larger muscle groups), this is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance that butt!

Either circulating the leg anti-clock-wise or clock-wise, to moving the leg up and down, again ankle weights can be used to make it harder.

Chest to knees

Working the mid section of the stomach and the surrounding areas of the abdominals area. These can be felt after doing 100. Note: if you suffer from lower back problems you can still do this exercise just use a stability ball against a wall to support the back.

try this tummy exercise2

Side oblique’s lifts

Working the side of your stomach as well as the left/right side of the lower back depending which side you are laying on. This workout can be felt just after 20 reps and can be made more advanced by wearing ankle weights.

There are 2 variations both you keep your knees together bending the legs and raising them both at the same time or extending the leg out to the side, will target more of your lower back muscle as well as your sides.

Single leg/alternative glute rises

Ideal for someone that is more advanced has great coordination and can support ones body weight. Can be done using ankle weights to make it harder or you can speed up when you lift your leg and the opposite hands touches, you can do this alternative switching from left leg/right or singles.

Lotus glute raise

Ideal for someone that suffers from lower back pain to a beginner.

Knees to chest military style:

Ideal for someone that has a strong core looking to advance it, can be made harder by holding the movement for 10-20 secs the repeating the exercise (knees to chest) is ideal for that core challenge.

Abs hold (alternative leg twist)

Can be done by a beginner to more advanced- For a beginner or someone that suffers from lower back pain you can use a stability ball to support your back, for the more advanced person you don’t use the stability ball instead you can make it harder by placing weight ankles.

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