One of the major concerns when it comes to planning and committing to a meaningful and truly effective workout programme is time. Time constrains us all in so many ways, but this is no bad thing as it always forces us to be smarter about how we use the time available to us. Lets be honest, there are also many people who use ‘lack of time’ as an excuse not to start something – particularly an excercise regimen! But we’ve all got 10 minutes haven’t we? Of course we have!

Depending on your goal you do not need much equipment or a gym membership. Great advances in your health, fitness, strength, tone and body shape can really be acheived with the bare minimum. And if your goal this Summer is a round and toned butt you just need effort and an open mind. The Brazilian Butt Workout is meant to challenge you in different ways to help you achieve a better booty regardless of age or previous experience!

Val slide

With a Val slide you can get the booty you want and your lover will love as well. Choose a color, go in the living room and have at it. Go to to get them. They are worth more than the price charged.

Get a great workout in before work, school or bed.Tone your legs and butt with a little space and 10 minutes. Lunges, squats and adduction to feel sexier in less time.

Power Wheel

Among other things you can tone your legs and butt in less time and less space. Hamstring curls, roll outs, hand walks and more to tone your body specifically your butt.

Bands has the best bands anywhere. You do not need much space, time and they are worth more than customers are charged. Tone your legs and butt at home, the gym or your office. Utilizing the bands at your convenience and in different ways to help you achieve your goals.


Sprints: you can do these anywhere. I prefer a hill or pool. 10-12 sprints 2-4 times each week will help tone your body more than running a mile or multiple miles and being bored.

Use the backyard, field, hill, neighborhood. Plyometrics; at home, gym, outside or inside. This is fun and can be utilized in different ways to make it work in less time.

brazilian butt workout_2Workout with others to make the workouts more interesting. You and your friend or relative can challenge and motivate each other. Working with at least 1 other person can be fun and help keep you accountable.

Programs are not the same for each person and should not be. Look into the equipment I have suggested to see how any one of them can help you achieve your goals.

The fitness factor is just 1 bit of what you shall do to tone that booty regardless of the season or the event that may be coming up. Are you ready to feel and look better in your pants, shorts, bathing suit?

For more information and help leave me an email. 1 on 1 and group training available by appointment ONLY. Online nutrition and fitness to help you achieve your goals at your convenience.

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