So, you want to get in shape…and fast!!! Excellent! Strap on your boxing gloves and lets get the best workout you can, in the quickest time possible.

Boxing can be the quickest way to shed extra calories, have fun,and learn just how strong you really are.  I love adding a few “jab, jab, crosses,” into my client’s usual workout, just to change things up and burn the fat. The truth is that boxing will scorch calories like no other workout can. In addition, adding boxing into your current routine will break up the monotony of what you are currently doing…….so…..let us carry on.

Step one: The jab, jab, cross:

This can be against an opponent in the ring, a heavy bag, or a trainer holding a punching bag/kick shield. You should do 10 jab, jab, crosses on each side. Repeat for 2-5 minutes, taking minimal breaks for optimal fat burning. Keep your gloves up to “protect” your face and concentrate on making good contact against your target. Keep your core tight and remember to breathe.

Step two: Round house kicks:

This is best done against a bag, a wavemaster or a trainer. Work on form. Work on turning and pivoting your hips so that you are able to hit the bag, as if you were kicking a soccer ball. I love to have my clients do “ jab jab cross, round house kick, round house kick.  Start off slowly, than pick up the speed.

Step three: The bob and weave:

I love, as a trainer, to set the bar on the squat rack low enough to make my clients work up a sweat by doing bob and weaves, under and back under the squat rack. Basically, this is just a sneaky way to add in many squats. This is also super fun, and super hard. To increase the intensity, I like to add punches after the bob and weaves.  Either place a wavemaster boxing trainer or have a partner or trainer hold a strike pad.

boxing workout routine2

Step four: Jumping/Skipping rope:

Take it back to the playground or gym class and get out the old jump rope. The jump rope is a staple in any boxer’s conditioning program.  Jumping rope helps develop speed, agility, coordination and footwork.

Start with trying to jump rope for up to one minute. Once you are able to jump for a minute at a time, do 6 x 3 minute rounds with 60 seconds of rest in between each set.  This is one of the best fat burning forms of cardio you can do. Another plus is that a jump rope will cost you about $3.25 and can travel with you anywhere.

So, put all these exercises together, and you will be a strong and fierce force to be reckoned with. Remember, to start slowly and with all exercise programs, make sure you check with your doctor first.

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