Find your motivation!

For most people, staying motivated and accountable with their training can be difficult.

The weather is dull, you didn’t wash your workout gear, you’re sore. In fact I could write a whole separate article on the things I’ve heard to get out of training.


If you are lacking the motivation, hitting a plateau or looking for a new way to train, boot camps are your best bet!

What can Boot Camps offer

Join up with friends, co-workers or go to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends.

Boot camp workouts combine the best elements of team training, individual effort and social bonding to provide an overall boost in your fitness plan.

Here are a few ideas to get the creativity and physical motivation. Remember, what makes boot camps effective are that they are convenient, efficient and can be made social and fun. So take these ideas or use them to influence a new style of training.

Remember to always warm up and stretch after!

– Mum and baby

These boot camps are super popular and are a brilliant bonding experience.  I think we all agree that looking after a child is already a workout in itself. However if you’re looking at getting active outside and socialising with other parents in your local community then this is a brilliant option.

Child friendly, adult friendly but maybe not so muscle friendly.

These boot camps are still super active and fitness orientated so both mum and baby may need a nap afterwards!

– Stair challenge

Who doesn’t love leg day? OK maybe just me? If you’re needing an efficient way to train legs and get a cardio workout, then stair challenges are the way to go.

The word challenge is used for a reason although the amount of stairs depends on your venue and your ultimate goal for the session.

You could set a target of a total amount of stairs or laps to be done by the team or set individual targets that each person must reach in order for the team to complete the desired challenge.

Combine stairs with alternating body weight exercises in between laps or change up the intensity by including sandbags or weight vests into your stairway to hell session.

– Commando style

bootcamp workouts_2The traditional boot camp style still holds a place in people’s hearts – sometimes we just need a firm hand to gently nudge us into that push up position.

However we feel about boot camp, this style of training is based on completing a certain amount of reps or sets and can be based on strength, cardio or a solid mixture of both.

Battle ropes, kettle bells, sandbags and some good old bear crawls may be featured in this style of boot camp so be prepared for a whole body workout where no muscle group gets a break.

This is a brilliant option for a kick start in motivation and a reminder to your muscles that they most certainly do exist.

– X Training

Combining cardio and weights is one of the best ways to not only improve fitness but also lose weight. With most exercises modifiable, there is no ‘impossible’ with this type of training.

Combining sprints or skipping with weight based exercise keeps the heart rate up, the blood pumping and the necessary energy systems being used.

This type of training can be altered week to week by focusing on either specific cardio workouts combined with general weight based exercises or vice versa.

For example: you could do cardio sprints but focus on all leg based weight exercises for extra emphasis on training the lower body.

– Surf n turf

I’m not talking about the meal, sorry.

Boot camps often take on a whole other level when changing the terrain and there is no better place than the beach.

Whether its pebbles or sand (sand is a little nicer though), you are sure to challenge your muscles in a session on the beach. Body weight exercises, crawls, sand sprints or games of tug of war with the battle ropes.

This makes for a challenging yet oddly fun training session and there is always a chance to cool off after with a nice dip in the ocean.

– Holiday theme

There is always a reason to celebrate and boot camps are no different.

You could theme your workout for the day or week based on the holiday events of the year. A Halloween theme is always fun and with Christmas coming up, you can have some real fun with costumes and theme based sessions.

You could base it on teamwork, load up the sled with weight plates and push it a set distance just like Santa delivering presents. You could do an exercise Advent calendar and for a particular day base it on exercising a particular body part or achieving a certain number of reps per exercise.

Get creative and channel your big kid!

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