Boot Camp workouts and programs have become increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts.  These intensive group exercise routines provide terrific support, comradery and motivation among participants. The metabolic demanding workout is excellent in achieving fitness results.   The fitness and health benefits people seek, such as toned muscle definition and decrease in body fat or weight, are achieved faster with workouts performed within a group.  Boot camps programs are fantastic for the advanced exerciser and someone who wants to change it up and break a sweat in the process.

Comradery and support are essential to these workouts; why complete a challenging routine if there is no support or fun in process?  This is one bonus to the popularity of the Boot Camps, you can have a great experience while completing a challenging workout that you would may not have tried before. The workouts involved allow people to motivate one another as they complete each taxing routine.

Depending on the design of the program, a boot camp can be a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, creating an EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) setting at the duration of the workout allows body’s metabolism to remain elevated and continue to burn extra calories. An EPOC is essential to Boot camp routine to burn body fat and create an incredibly intensive workout.


The exercises utilized consist of body weight and functional movements, use of barbells and kettlebells and plyometric work. The workout can be ridiculously challenging by adding different planer and multi planer exercises into the mix.  By adding different forms of exercises  into one workout whilecombining different planes of motion, makes Boot Camps one incredibly metabolically demanding routine.  Some sample exercises within this concept include; walking lunges with a dumbbell lateral raise, kettle bell goblet squats with side steps, and a push up into a torso rotation.

boot camp routines2

Here are 3 Wildly Sweaty Boot Camp Routines to try:

Routine #1: “The Cycle!”

1 circuit; 8 exercises; 40s each; 10 seconds between each exercise, 1 minute recovery between sets.

Kettlebell Swings:

Broad Jumps:

Push up with Torso Rotations:

TRX Rows:

Jump Squats:

Walking Lunges:

BOSU Plank:

Medicine Ball Squat to Slams:

Routine #2: “Double Trouble”

2 circuits; 4 exercises each circuit; 40 seconds each exercise, 20 seconds recovery between exercises, 4 rounds and no recovery between sets

Circuit 1:

Push ups

Body weight squats

Single leg plank

MB squat to push press

Circuit 2:

Walking lunge with DB lateral raise

DB Bent over Rows

Kettle Bell Swings

MB Rotational Slams

Routine #3: “Rapid Fire”

1 large circuit-comprised of 5 small circuits; 5 circuits, 2 exercises in each circuit, 40 seconds per exercises, 4 sets in each circuit, after completing one circuit 1 minute recovery then rotate to the next circuit.  Complete each circuit one time.

Circuit 1:

Exercise 1- Jump Squats

Exercise 2- Kettle Bell Split Squats

Circuit 2:

Exercise 1- TRX Rows

Exercise 2- BOSU Push ups

Circuit 3:

Exercise 1-Banana Rolls

Exercise 2-Medicine Ball Sit ups

Circuit 4:

Exercise 1-Kettebell Front Squats

Exercise2-Walking Lunges

Circuit 5:

Exercise 1-Battle Ropes double waves

Exercise 2-Plank Bird Dogs

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