Mondayshow so many of us hate them! The weekend has just flown by and Monday is on us again quicker that a lioness on its prey!

You know that Monday dawns a new week, but sometimes you just don’t feel ready for it, you cannot be bothered with it, and on getting out of bed at the beginning of the week, just cannot get yourself going. It’s all a bit of a struggle and you cannot wait until Wednesday (hump day), which means the weekend is coming!

Am I right or am I right?


So when you have this “mindset” let me ask you this…How productive are you? Probably not very!

You have a lot planned that you want to do but just have not got the drive or the urge to do it. Well this I where I can help! I’m an expert in productivity and we use a lot of these techniques with our clients.

I’m going to share these with you today…..

Sunday night take 10-15 minutes and sit yourself aside from distraction and look to the next week. Write down ALL the things you need to do, and really start to see the week playing out in your head.

By doing this you are starting to visualize what the week will be like and what will be required of you. It’s a technique that sports professionals do as part of their preparation routines – they visualize their whole performance to prep their minds.

Get a good diary, one where you can clearly see the days of the week. Write down ALL the things you have to do next week, and I mean EVERYTHING.

boost productivity

It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. You have all the pieces laid out in front of you and then you place them together to make a big picture.

Next start to put in your appointments or work times for the week. The essential stuff.

Look at what goals you want to achieve that week, and then break them down in to smaller tasks for the days. A bit like chipping away at a block of ice.

Setting goals for the week and then daily tasks really helps to focus your mind.

By setting this time aside it is going to enable you to be more productive in the week. We have been able to triple some of our guy’s revenue in their business because of this technique; we have even been able to save people on average 24 hours in a week. 24 hours! What could you do with that time? How would you spend it?

The other small matter is to remember your WHY. So if getting to the gym and eating healthy is one of your goals write everyday for that week your why. It is so important.

NEVER underestimate the power of writing things down, it’s a very effective tool and makes a real difference. It not only helps to focus your mind but also keeps you accountable to the person who really matters here – yourself!

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