In Part 1 Joey Bull talked about her experience of overseeing the design of her book cover and self image issues. She also provided a great series of diet tips. Here Joey concludes the feature by delivering a terrific workout that we can all benefit from…  

Body Blasting tips…

To help your body respond to all the training you’ve been doing, make sure every muscle training session is to the max. That way the job is done thoroughly. Also ensure you rest properly for recovery, allow the benefits to kick in, then repeat three days later.


Add these all encompassing moves to your programme:

At the end of training a particular muscle group, overload and finish off with a body weight exercise.

For shoulders

Try the handstand shoulder press: Put both hands on the floor with the arms straight, lift the hips high, pull the feet close in with as straight legs as your flexibility allows. It should look like the start to a hand stand. With all the weight on the arms, bend the elbows and dip down mimicking an upside down shoulder press.

joey bull great body jumping shoulder press

For Triceps

Try the very narrow press up position. Make sure the elbows are against the ribs and the hands beneath the shoulders. Pump out as many narrow presses as you can (there may not be many!) then, drop the knees to ease through the last few

joey bull great body narrow press ups triceps

For the back

Finish with chin ups. Even if it means jumping up each time to get extra elevation and momentum. This is such an explosive move and uses so many muscles and links, everything else is easy after chins!

joey bull great body chin ups

For the chest

Finish off with spiderman, staggered hands press ups. This means positioning one hand further forward than the other so that each arm and chest side is being worked in different places. Switch to the other side before you run out of gas.

joey bull great body spiderman press ups

For legs try squat jumps

There’s nothing like jumps for recruiting every muscle fibre. With feet hip distance apart, start in a squat and power jump upwards, straightening the legs and landing in a low squat again. Think of staying up in the air as long as possible, then lightly touching down again before taking off again. Usually 10 to 15 of these at the end of a leg circuit would leave the muscles well worked!

joey bull great body squat jumps

If your cardio hasn’t been shredding you as you hoped, ask yourself if it has been explosive and varied enough, or whether you’ve just been plodding away and sweating loads. Figures prove over and over again how much more beneficial interval training is than endurance training for strong immunity and burning calories.

Fat burning workouts as we used to call them (steady state at a comfortable level), depending on intensity and duration, raise the metabolism for a few hours after the workout is completed. Interval training (and I mean short, explosive, with bursts of effort and breaks in between) can up the metabolism for as much as 36 hours beyond training time.

I’d suggest not following an interval training programme on the machines – they are not intense enough! Get timing or measuring your heartbeats and use that as your guide. Short as it sounds, blasts of 20-30 seconds with a slightly longer recovery time, works well. Just make every second count and put all your effort into those short moments. After 30–40 seconds recovery you’ll be set to go again.

Even 12 minutes of playing around like this will have you fit and lean in no time and ready to fight the Winter flab. Not only that, but you’ll be primed and ready for your best body ever next Summer!


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