The physique of a bodybuilder has become the desired look amongst males today.  So how does one develop a muscle bound frame?  In this article, we will review a strength training and cardiovascular program designed to achieve the ultimate physique.  Most of the tips provided are recommended if you have been strength training for one year or longer.

For starters, strength exercises are incredibly pertinent to your training regimen.  Within the training program, there are several variables to consider when exercising.  The number of repetitions and sets, rest period between sets, tempo of repetitions, the amount of load or resistance incorporated into each exercise, and types of exercises.

Hypertrophy strength training…

In order to stimulate muscle growth, hypertrophy strength training is quintessential.  This high volume style of weight lifting requires at least 4-5 sets per exercise and 10-12 repetitions per set.  Rest periods between each set should be between 45 seconds and one minute.  The repetition tempo is important as well.

Try to incorporate a 4-2-2 count with each repetition: 4 seconds eccentric (muscle lengthening phase of the lift), 2 seconds isometric (muscle stabilizing phase), and 2 seconds concentric (muscle shortening phase).  This slow and controlled movement allows the body to effectively break down the muscle fibers working and develop strength also.

Tips for lifting…

Avoid continually lifting heavy and remember, give yourself enough time to rest each muscle group after heavy lifting. Constantly strength training the same group of muscles frequently with a heavy weight, you can run the risk of over fatiguing the central nervous system that can result in a high chance of injury.

You should not lift heavy with the same muscle group more than once per week. There are three different exercises that shock your neuroendocrine system: squat, deadlift, and power clean.  Your neuroendocrine system places a huge role in gaining the bodybuilder size and strength.

Maximizing bodybuilding program…

In order to maximize your bodybuilding training program, focus primarily on multi-joint exercises (squats, bench press, lunges, et al.) over single joint exercises (triceps extension, leg curl, leg extension).  Do not neglect the single joint exercises, however, the multi-joint lifts should be the foundation of your program.

bodybuilding training program_2

Focusing predominantly on the multi-joint exercises incorporates more muscle groups, burns more calories, increases strength, and breaks down more muscle groups.  Single joint lifts are great for the final exercise to completely fatigue a specific muscle at the end of a routine (a pec fly at the end of chest work, for example).

Cardiovascular exercise…

Cardiovascular exercise is another part to your body building training program.  As you develop your bodybuilder frame, it is necessary to maintain and improve your cardiac function to keep blood pumping to the skeletal muscles. Coupling your cardio with a disciplined diet will maximize caloric expenditure and will aid in shedding unnecessary body weight or body fat to achieve the desired physique.

Depending on your fitness level, 30-45 minutes of moderate cardio per day, six to seven days a week will bring you one step closer to your goal. So far, we have determined the type of exercises, reps, sets, rest period and even how much cardio is necessary, so what’s next?

The last step…

The last piece of the puzzle is frequency.  This training program should be five to six days a week with cardio sessions is 6 to 7 times per week.  Have your regimen dedicated two of your five days to legs, which is the foundation of your bodybuilding frame.  The last three days are as follows: one day for chest and triceps, one day for back and biceps and one day for shoulders.

I hope these tips are useful for in your journey to obtaining your bodybuilding frame.  If you are new to the strength training and have aspirations to become a bodybuilder, developing an exercise routine for at least one year will allow your body to acclimate to the rigorous demand of specialized strength training.

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