Any time we are trying to improve  a muscle group, it is necessary to take a look at proper approaches: Which exercises to do, how to do them and how to build the muscle tissue efficiently.

 Five tips to develop your biceps



Let’s understand exactly what the biceps do. We all know that they cause the arm to flex/bend at the elbow. What a lot of people don’t know is that the biceps also cause “supination” of the forearm and hand – that rotating outward to a “palms-up” position.

To see this, bend your elbow leaving the forearm parallel to the ground, palm facing inward (like you’re holding a hammer). With your opposite hand, grab your biceps then start “twisting” the forearm to a palms-up position. As you do this, you’ll feel the biceps contracting.

This is important because a palms-up hand position will create a greater contraction. That simply means if you’re doing a biceps curl, using the palms-up position will give you the best results.


What is the best exercise to use? I recommend a palms-up dumbbell curl. Using dumbbells forces each arm to work on its own. Starting with the palms-up position means you are already contracting the biceps before you even start the curling motion. Try doing these with both arms simultaneously rather than alternating each arm back and forth.

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Here’s a couple of quick tips for good form: Many people use too much weight, then “swing” or “throw” the dumbbell. Instead, use a lighter weight and think “squeeze” through the motion. This just adds a steady pace and control, which forces the muscles to work a little harder.

They also tend to bend the wrist inward near the top of the motion. I recommend letting the wrist bend backward a little. Remember, this is a “lever arm” consisting of the forearm and hand.

That’s only about 15-16 inches (400 mm) of length. Bending the wrist inward only shortens the lever arm….by about 20%, making the exercise easier and therefore less effective.

Try this: Start with the dumbbells at the top of the motion, elbows bent. Tip the wrists backward a little. Now lower the dumbbells and repeat for reps, keeping the wrists in that bent-back position.

Tips#4 & 5

These tips are one of programming and one of nutrition. If you are trying to maximize muscle mass, you will want to train in the “hypertrophy” (increased volume) phase, which is sets of (10) reps.

Now, that being said, you always want to train through the different phases (endurance and strength too) but spend an adequate amount of time in the (10) reps phase. Shoot for 3 sets and keep the weight in the “moderate” range.

The nutrition tip is to simply consume a mixture of sugars and protein immediately after your workout – within 30-40 min or less.

The ratio of sugar-to-protein should be in the range of 4:1 down to 2:1 sugar over protein. What has been found to be very good is to simply drink a glass of low-fat chocolate milk.

Follow that with a glass of water, then a good meal within an hour or so. This routine will make sure your body is getting the building blocks it needs to heal and develop muscle tissue.

If you address these approaches, you will see results!

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