Shoulders always been a muscle I like to train. But like any other muscles we train it’s important to vary our workout to keep the motivation and challenge yourself. One of the best way to do so, is to incorporate body weight exercises into the mix.

What is great about body weight exercises is that it can be done anywhere.

Here I picked top 3 weight exercises for shoulders.


Take notes that those exercises are not easy to do.

1. Handstand push-ups

There is deferent variations to progressively be able to do a free handstand push-ups.

When learning the handstand push up, it’s important to master the handstand first. If you are not comfortable being inverted and unable to hold a handstand without a wall for at least a 15 seconds, you must go back to an easier variation.

The first variation is simply to start elevating your feet in the pushup position. You can start by elevating your feet with a chair, a desk or something higher. The higher your feet, the more stress on your shoulders.

Other exercise to help you do the handstand is your heels against the wall, then reach down with your hands and put them on the ground a couple feet in front of your feet. You should look like an upside-down“V”.

You’ll notice that your upper body is in a position to work the shoulders. You can now perform pushups in this position, which will work your shoulders but put less stress on them than full-on handstand pushups.

Work to elevate the feet in this exercise as well to add more bodyweight to the press and increase difficulty.

2. The tuck planche dip

As one of the first progressions towards the planche, the tuck planche dip is difficult to perform but really efficient. Get into a standard dip position and then raise your legs to your chest.

Then, lean forward so that your hips are parallel to the bar and your arms are situated besides your hips. Lower your body, then push back up while bracing your core and triceps so that you do not swing backwards.

3. Push-ups position hold

Top 3 body weight exercises for shoulders_2

This works shoulders in isometric. Pushup position, hands under shoulders, toes on the ground and keep position for 30 secondes. For harder version lean feet forward to put more weight on shoulders.


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