Do you like to look cool in the gym? I think most of us do don’t we… But looking cool while doing stupid things will only get you injured. Let me tell you something right here and now, there’s nothing cool or fun about limping out of the gym or leaving with your arm in a sling!

Allow me to elaborate with some tips that you should take into serious consideration to avoid body sore after workout

1. Do NOT do kipping pull-ups!


Seriously? Yes! Kipping pull-ups are not pullups at all. They should be called flopping fish because that’s what you look like when you do them. If you haven’t paid attention to someone performing a kipping pull-up, they use momentum to “move” themselves up to the bar. That’s right; I said “move” because they are not pulling. If they did, it would be a pull-up.

Kipping pull-ups were originally done by experienced gymnasts who did a low volume and they were more used as manoeuvres to get into another position on a bar. When you do a high volume of these, you run the risk of hurting your back and shoulders, and grinding the skin clean off your hands.

You might know people who think this is funny or wear it like a badge of strength. But it’s just plain senseless!

If you want to get a fitter upper body, do pull-ups! Perform them slowly and with good form, and do multiple sets of low reps. You will spare your body from wreckage and actually recruit your muscles to do the work.

2. Do NOT pull or push a bar behind your neck!

Still to this day it absolutely amazes me how many people I see doing behind-the-neck pulldowns and barbell military presses. I get a kink in my neck just thinking about it. If you long for neck pain and bad posture, then go right ahead and keep doing these.

But if you’re like me, steer clear of the behind-the-neck exercises!

body sore after workout

Maybe I should’ve started out with this tip, but I tend to have a bit of ADD so please forgive me…

When you work out, you move through a range of motion. You don’t just sit there in one position. Do you think it might be a good idea to get your body ready for this range of motion? It is!

If you don’t, you run the risk of pulling a muscle or jacking up your ligaments and tendons.

Dynamic stretches are performed in motion. That’s what makes them so good at getting your body tuned up for exercise. Spend a mere five minutes doing stretches like arm crossovers, arm circles, deep knee bends, reverse lunges, spinal rotations and leg swings.

4. Know your limitations.

Sure, you need to lift heavy to get big and strong, but you don’t want to overdo it. The bottom line is, never lift maximal weights for the same muscle group on consecutive days. For example, if you do heavy bench presses and squats on Monday, don’t follow the same protocol on Tuesday. You’ll be asking for fully torn muscles.

Rest at least one full day between maximal efforts, but it’s probably even better to wait two or three days. Your body has a magical way to adapt but you’ll have to find your sweet spot.

5. Use a full range of motion.

It should come to no surprise that you should always use good form. I have a 90% quality or better rule. Be honest with yourself, if you do not have 90% quality with an exercise, stop and rest until you do.

That being said, always move through a full range of motion and don’t use momentum to move weights. I already warned you with kipping pull-ups but that rule applies for all exercises too. Did you ever see someone do an ugly set of biceps curls? They arch their backs, swing the weights and do not move them all the way up and down.

Don’t be one of them! Move your weights slow and steady, keep your body still and work your joints to their fullest ranges of motion. If you don’t, your muscles will get conditioned to a shortened point and the next time they are forced to stretch farther, you will strain them.


OK, now you are armed with some good tips to prevent tragedy from happening at the gym. Always honor your body and never let ego get in control!

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