Now that the New Year has come and gone it’s time to get serious about getting fit!

New Year’s resolution or not, exercise should be at the top of your priority list every day because being healthy is being smart.

Why start now?

Many people new to exercise find it intimidating simply because there is so much information out there and they don’t know where to start.

Some of those who have been exercising for years have gotten into a rut and don’t know how to break out. Some people feel like you won’t get a good workout unless you spend hours in the gym.

Well, I have news for all of you – working out does NOT have to be hard, time consuming, or boring!

One of my favorite workouts is a full body circuit workout

I love this type of workout because it targets the major muscle groups, raises your heart rate for increased calorie burn, and can be adjusted to fit almost any schedule.

Full body workouts are great for beginners

They allow you to learn just a few exercises for each muscle group and avoid brain overload. They also prevent someone who is new to exercise from overdoing it because it is recommended that you wait 24-48 hours between workouts to allow your muscles to recover.

Short bursts of variety and intensity 

For those who are bored with their current exercise routine, or those who feel like they must work out for two hours to accomplish anything, full body circuit workouts give you variety and intensity while allowing you to adjust the number of circuits you complete in order to fit the workout into your daily schedule.

full body workout_2As with any workout, it is important to warm up with light cardiovascular activity prior to beginning.

It doesn’t have to be fancy – marching in place or dancing to your favorite song count! I recommend a 5-10 minute warm up with my favorite warm up activity being dynamic stretching. Once you have completed a warm up you are primed and ready to go so let’s get to the good part!

Full body sculpting circuit workout

· Squats with upright row: 12-15 repetitions

· Deadlift into bent over barbell row: 12-15 repetitions

· Overhead dumbbell triceps extension: 12-15 repetitions

· Stationary front lunge with dumbbell bicep curl: 12-15 repetitions

· Kettlebell swings: 12-15 repetitions

· Supinating dumbbell bicep curls: 12-15 repetitions

· Triceps dips: 12-15 repetitions

· Push-ups: 12-15 repetitions

· Plank with dumbbell row: 12-15 repetitions

· Side planks: 30-60 seconds

· Bicycle crunches: 12-15 repetitions

· Reverse crunches: 12-15 repetitions

Perform indicated repetitions of each exercise and then move to the next exercise.

Complete all exercises one time to complete one circuit. Repeat circuit if desired one to two additional times.

Ramp up the difficulty

You can increase the difficulty level by any of the following:

· Increasing the number of circuits completed

· Increasing the weight used

· Decreasing the amount of rest between each exercise

· Decreasing the amount of rest between each circuit

Perform a 5-10 minute cool down and static stretching to all major muscle groups once you have completed the workout.

Always listen to your body and ONLY perform what you are comfortable doing.

Never compare yourself to others as you don’t know where they are on their fitness journey.

Remember, enjoy each and every step that you take on your fitness journey because the journey is the best part! As always, I’m listening and here to help in any way that I can. Live healthy my friends!!

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