In Part 1 soap star Roxy Shahidi explained how she discovered yoga and the life transforming impact it has had on her. Here the Emmerdale actress talks about her move into DVD presenting…

‘Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga’ was conceived and designed to be versatile, practical and truly effective. “Due to geographical factors, work and family commitments many people struggle to get to a gym regularly or for any meaningful time.

It is therefore a little unfair to expect them to studiously follow a 90 minute DVD. This is why I have broken mine down into distinctive and results based 15 minute segments. They are all based on what I have studied and practised myself and I know from personal experience that they work. There are three high energy elements that get the heart rate up and zap you full of energy and vitality. These hit the body as a whole and in particular the core, thighs and  bum. Then there are three relaxing ones and a wind down hitting common problem areas such as shoulders, hips and lower back.


The idea is the high energy workouts are ideal for the morning to set you up for the day ahead, whilst the relaxing sessions are perfect for the evening.” In ‘Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga’ she has harnessed the key elements of her learning and experience and packaged them in an enjoyable, easy to follow, results-based programme. In the months leading up to the  shoot all she did was pursue the workouts contained in the DVD and she is testament to their effectiveness in toning, strengthening, improving posture and maintaining great body shape.

“I wanted to produce something that would be equally applicable to novices and experienced yoga practitioners alike and am thrilled that we have done that. Yoga is growing all the time and is no longer regarded as something for women or the very bendy!” So surely working in a studio to a few cameras was a piece of cake for this experienced actress? “Funnily enough it wasn’t like that at all! Not unreasonably people assume that because I’m an actress I could breeze through something like a fitness DVD shoot. I’ve spent years on stage and on TV and that is all about performance.

bite sized yoga_2

It’s a massive part of my life and I have always been very comfortable with that. Then there is my yoga which is a generally quiet and solitary pursuit. But walking on set the first day I realised that I was going to have to perform yoga to a room full of technicians and cameras and to people who had seriously invested into making this all happen. So with all that in mind I felt nervous in a way that never strikes me in my acting work. But the IMC Vision team was brilliant and I soon relaxed and we had really good  fun throughout the shoot. I am so thrilled with what we produced.”

IMC Managing Director Ken Gray commented, “Roxy’s shoot was one of the most enjoyable productions we have worked on. She is absolutely wonderful. Her body positioning and posture are amongst the best I have ever seen and her abilities in front of camera are second to none. Her extensive TV and theatre background ensure that she is a clear and confident presenter with great screen presence and the whole thing is underpinned by her genuine passion for the subject. Looking fit and radiantly healthy she embodies all that she teaches and is the perfect endorsement for her yoga exercises.”

The DVD is also available with a recipe book made up of Roxy’s slimline adaptations of household favourites as well as dishes with a difference including: Heavenly Granola, Super Food Salad, Coconut Stir Fry and Fruit Cookies, soups and muffins. “It is full of food ideas that I have worked on myself, they are all very healthy and I have added explanations about how I encountered these recipes snacks and meals. If we get our mind, body and nutrition right then we are able to look and function to our optimum levels.

“Yoga has become a massive part of my life and has made a huge difference to me inside and out. I just hope others discover the benefits too and enjoy great results.”

There first collaboration went so well that IMC Vision and Roxy were quick to team up again and produce a follow-up DVD – Roxy’s Yoga Conditioning. Total Body Workout. Ken Gray explained, “This was a natural progression from the first film and took the whole body; upper, lower and core in isolation and delivered really good thorough workouts for each. We wanted to sustain the moment from the first DVD and keep things moving – not easy with TV actors but we managed to get her between performances of King Lear at the National Theatre and before shooting back up north for Emmerdale!”

Roxy concluded that getting her own yoga instructional DVDs out there on the international market has been the satisfying most satisfying and rewarding elements of a personal yoga journey that took her from total novice, to gradual enthusiast  to somebody able to take her own yoga message to the mass market and hopefully inspire adn encourage people in the same way that her Gran’s increasingly worn out videos did for her!


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