Before I get into this topic I first of all want to say that everything I’m going to cover today is also applicable for women, but it will have a greater effect on men. What’s the best workout routine for men, and what kind of routine should I build? It’s a complicated question and the simple answer is “don’t build a routine because routines suck”. Most people tend to get bored of workout routines and then lose motivation to workout.

You want to constantly change up your routine to keep things interesting. Not only does your mind get bored with repetitive routines, your body can get bored too. By following the exact same workout plan day after day, week after week, you will soon start to see that you are no longer making progress and you may even be getting weaker.

The overload principle states that the body will make progressions when it is exposed to a stress that is greater than what it is used to. If your body is used to doing an activity, it will adapt to that activity, and after that point, it will no longer continue adapting.


This is one of the principles of fitness, and all the principles of fitness are rules that cannot be broken and there is no way around it. For those of you who do like routines don’t worry. You just need to increase the volume every 2-4 weeks.

Change up the weight you’re lifting and the reps and sets you are doing. Run for an extra 5 minutes. If you are an aerobic or endurance athlete, take less time to rest. This will keep your body from saying “I know what this is, I don’t need to adapt to this”.

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But what are the best exercises for me?

Start your workout with exercises that require a lot of muscle and end with isolation exercises. Exercises that require a lot of muscle are multi-joint exercises, meaning the muscle action crosses more than 1 joint and use 2 or muscles for the activity.

For example, the bench press uses your Pec Major muscle and your triceps while bicep curl only uses your biceps. So bench press should be done before bicep curls. Why? Well by using as much muscle as possible in the smallest amount of time releases more testosterone and growth hormone which help muscles grow.

Make sure to include multi-joint exercises to your routine for all major muscle groups. Exercises like this include push-ups, bench press, shoulder press, squats, deadlifts and kettle bell swings. I highly recommend that you learn a little about anatomy to figure out more exercises use the most muscle in the smallest amount of time to further increase the quality of your workouts

Olympic lifting for serious muscle building

If you’re super serious about building muscle quickly in the smallest amount of time possible, I highly recommend that you try Olympic lifting. I need to have a disclaimer here, because although Olympic lifting is the fastest calorie burning activity out there with the most potential to grow muscle mass, it is also the most dangerous. Hire a personal trainer if you want to try this.

Olympic lifting requires what is called the valsava maneuver, which is a big fancy word for breath holding. Breathing in as much air as possible and then doing your lift increases intra-abdominal pressure while protecting your back.

Picture this: You grab your barbell and take in a deep breath. You deadlift the bar then triple extend and swing the bar to your shoulders and press it overhead. Suddenly you feel woosy because you’ve used up all your oxygen reserve and then you pass out.

What are the chances you are going to wake up? That’s why you need to hire a personal trainer to learn how to do it right so you don’t pass out with a very heavy bar above your head. Now that I’m done with the public safety announcement if that didn’t scare you too much, and I hope it didn’t, onto Olympic lifting.

Here’s the rundown on Olympic lifting, but keep in mind that your trainer should also teach you how to do these moves properly. The move I’m going to teach you is called the clean. It is arguably the most powerful motion you will ever do.

Standing hip width apart, bend forward and grab the bar, and tilt your pelvis and back so that you have a straight or even slightly U shaped back. Take a deep breath in and Deadlift the bar–if you don’t know a proper deadlift technique you are not yet ready for this. You can rest and breathe in the top position of the deadlift.

Take another breath and go down a couple inches, then fully extend the knees, hips, and back simultaneously in an explosive movement while jumping less than 1 inch off the ground and spread your feet to a wider stance. Do this will lift the bar up and squat down and catch the bar on your shoulders while it is weightless in the air.

Squat up into a standing position with the bar still on your shoulders, then while moving your head back out of the way, press up and jump into a lunging position. Press forward with your back leg first into a standing position, and gently guide the bar back down to the floor. That’s 1 rep. I should also mention that Olympic lifting requires more rest between sets than most exercises.

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