Sun’s out, gun’s out!

Time to make the last efforts at the gym, to show off the hard work you put in over the past year. As a male, the obvious focus should be the biceps/triceps, abdominals, shoulders and back. For the women, areas that receive the most exposure and attention are: abdominals, quads, glutes and shoulders.

Five weight exercises to target these areas and tone up for summer include a combination of isometric exercises, body weight exercises, and supersets.


Warm up 5-10 minutes with a cardio of choice, before continuing dynamic movements focusing on the area of the body you plan to work out. Ideas include: arm swings, arm circles, leg swings, walking quad stretch and reach, inch worms, and torso twists.

1) Shoulders

Incline dumbbell press in sets of 3-4 to failure, supersetted with incline dumbbell flyes to failure are great ways to target the pecs, delts, and biceps all in one. This will help create definition on the front of the shoulder and chest areas.

best weight exercises2

2) Back/Biceps/Triceps

Bodyweight exercises are my choice for targeting these 3 areas in one. Begin with 3 sets to failure of wide grip pull ups (palms facing away from body), resting 45 seconds between sets.

Focus on head up, shoulders back, and squeeze the lats down and back working slowly through the movement with chin over the bar at the top and the arms extended fully at the bottom. Then, work to straight bar dips, keeping chest up, core tight, and working through a full range of motion.

Elbows must drop to 90 degrees at the bottom and reach full extension at the top. Hold the last rep of the dips, in the top position, as long as you can, before dropping down and resting for 45 seconds. Repeat this to failure 3-4 sets.

Next move back to the pull-up bar, for 3-4 sets to failure, of chin ups (palms facing toward the body). Rest 45 seconds between sets. Finish this series with one final effort of strict handstand push-ups at the wall or with push-ups on the floor.

*If you are able to complete more than 10-12 reps of each exercise, then wear a weight belt or weighted vest throughout the series.

3) My recommended abdominal/back,/glute exercise:

Good mornings. Start with a moderate to light weight on the bar, to get a feel for what you can maneuver with proper technique. Keep the abs and glutes turned on throughout the entire movement, not allowing the knees to lock out or bend too excessively. Add weight as you warm up to the movement, finishing with 3 sets of 10-12 reps each. Rest 1 minute between sets.

4) For the abdominals and back, my go-to preferences are:

Overhead exercises, planks, and weighted sit ups.

Examples include: supersets to failure of: Weighted sit ups with feet anchored under dumbbells and a towel rolled up under the small of the back (or use an abmat)-hold dumbbell at the chest, paired with prone superman’s (slow with a big squeeze at the top), and finished off with 10 medicine ball slams (sand ball)-bring the ball overhead to full extension, come up on the toes, hinge at the hips, bend the knees (in a whipping motion) while locking in the abs as your arms bring the ball toward the floor in an aggressive motion, slamming it down.

Then pick it up again on the upswing and repeat. To top it off, end your workout with a set of 3 max effort plank holds.

5) The quads are a newer area of exposure for women, that requires attention too.

Obvious exercises are leg extensions and squats, but I prefer sprinting and plyometrics. Three sets of jumping split lunges, ¼ jumping squats, and side to side lateral hops over a line for :30 seconds each, will create a desirable quad burn. Finish this off with 5×100 meter sprints in sand or on a track for added benefit.

Only 3 months until summer arrives, so be sure to add these 5 exercises into your workout routine before you hit the pool or beach and show off those gains.

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