Walking is an outstanding total body exercise. It is not the flashiest, but it is as effective and functional as it is relevant to everyday life. Due to being a low impact movement, walking is sustainable for a long duration, easy to perform and relatively safe. However, life does not allow us to have the time to walk 20km/day.

Instead one can perform total body exercises and get stunning results without spending two hours a day in the gym doing so. Do these seven exercises to help get you ripped:

1. Bench press

Is a good body transformation exercise because it helps strengthen, tone, and build mass in, pushing muscles such as the pecs, front-delts, and triceps. Repetitions should range from one to any number so long as it is in line with the objectives of the athlete. Functionally though, the pushup or close-grip dumbbell bench press (neutral grip) are great alternatives!7-best-total-body-exercises-for-stunning-results_2.jpg

2. Upright row (underhand grip)

Focusses on pull strength which is a great compliment to the push strength gained from pressing movements and can prevent postural deficiencies. This, or any pulling movement, is a great exercise as a progression toward pull-ups.

A big key to any pulling movement is to initiate the pull motion with a straight-elbow which will contract the scapula earlier and help prevent shoulder impingement by placing tension on larger muscles instead of connective tissue and joints!

If the lifter can already do at least 15 reps of pull-ups then it is recommended to continue to do that as the primary pulling movement instead of other exercises; repetition-speed, weight, and grip should be varied often for best results for both performance and physique!

3. Alternating front kicks

Generate a high heart-rate quickly due to moving an entire lower limb explosively. The start position is the power position where the hips are slightly bent with both legs placed on the ground where the athlete is ready to shift bodyweight to one leg.

The raised foot should be at hip-level, with a straight-knee at the top of the range of motion, as the anchored foot is slightly bent while firmly planted on the ground with flexed elbows and hands shaped like fists that are covering the face to resemble blocking head shots during fighting; once one leg reaches the hip it will become the anchor after it is lowered to the ground so that the opposite leg can be raised to hip-level.

For a better workout, try these kicks while holding dumbbells for rounds of at least sixty seconds or longer! Best to think of this as stationary-sprinting given how quickly the heart rate will raise from doing this without the body changing location. Another great and similar exercise is alternating standing high knees; make sure that both elbows touch the raised knee to replicate a standing crunch!

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4. Burpees

Can be done as part of a workout featuring other exercises or exclusively in high volume such as 1,000 repetitions in one day. This exercise also works great when done within a series of strength exercises to keep the heart rate from dropping below the target heart rate should the muscles be too sore to rest less than a specific amount of time between sets.

5. Box jumps

Help with agility, quickness, and explosiveness while generating an elevated heart rate rapidly. The higher the height of the box the lower the duration of box jumps. The recommended height to use is one that causes the athlete to have difficulty performing the last one or two jumps correctly using proper form in sixty seconds.

6. Squats

They focus on the gluteus, hamstrings, quadriceps and other supporting structures of the lower body like calves and shins. The squat is a functional movement pattern that is performed everyday such as when getting onto and off a toilet seat.

A great precursor to the squat is the split-squat or stationary-lunge as it may enhance the ability of each leg to contribute equally to a squat as well as teach the athlete how to keep the hips stacked over the shoulders while lowering and raising the torso. This exercise is great because it works the lower half of the posterior chain, muscles from T-5 vertebrae and below, without working the shoulders like the deadlift does.7-best-total-body-exercises-for-stunning-results_3.jpgIf the athlete seeks agility, quickness and speed it is recommended that sets not have any less than 20 repetitions; this also limits the strain placed on the spine and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that comes with working out in a lower repetition range. Repetition ranges will vary depending on the goals of the practitioner.

Best to vary repetition range as often as possible, maybe weekly, to avoid specific adaptation to imposed demand (SAID).

7. Deadlift

Is a great exercise for muscle building or other dramatic body transformation like reduced body fat because it virtually works the entire body except the chest. It works the all of the posterior chain as well as all three heads of the shoulder. No more than about 8 reps per set are recommended due to the technicality of the movement but if performing higher repetitions then the lifter should lessen the weight.

The deadlift, like the squat, is also a functional movement pattern such as picking up a toddler or infant from the ground and holding them up to chest height! Goals that may help the practitioner who seeks mass building:

– Be able to squat 2x your bodyweight for 1-RM.

– Be able to deadlift 2x your bodyweight for 1-RM.

– Be able to chest press 1.5x your bodyweight for 1-RM.

– Be able to shoulder press your bodyweight for 1-RM.

For mass building, strength-training between 4-RM to 12-RM is suggested while resting 2-minutes to 3-minutes between sets. Strength-training should be done in the 20-RM range combined with total body cardio exercises if the athlete wants to sculpt rather than build mass.

Cardio intensive exercises like mountain-climbers and high repetition strength-training sets of 20-RM should be done for a duration of 45-minutes to 60-minutes while resting 45-seconds to 60-seconds between sets!

Difficult exercises have been known to release large quantities of HGH and Testosterone, which helps in growth and recovery which is something that is needed for the large muscles that undergo intense tension and strain during vigorous workouts!!!

Combine these with an expert-designed diet plan for maximum results.

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