Adding regular exercise to your daily routine can really wake up your libido while increasing your sexual stamina. There is no doubt that being in shape feels and looks good.

There are many ways and reasons to stay in shape but I think many will agree, that feeling sexy for a fulfilling and loving sex life is a top motivator for many.

What’s more, there are many ways to stay in shape than just lacing up your trainers or heading to the gym… Sexercise!


Sex isn’t just fun! It’s vital for a healthy relationship with your partner but also important for your mental and physical health.

So what better way to enhance your health, fitness and sex life than working out together!


The bonding and mutual displays of love and attraction through skin and eye contact can help deepen a relationship.

The powerful hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and the endorphins produced during intimacy, lovemaking and orgasm can all help to lower body fat, lower stress levels, blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and keep us youthful, healthy and fit.

Having a strong core, flexibility and muscle tone are the building blocks for a vigorous and healthy sex life so check out these 11 sexercises to do with your partner and have fun while you get fit.

1. Pilates roll down to push up and ab crunch double kiss

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is perfect for the missionary position as it increases spinal mobility, upper body strength and promotes a strong core.

With both partners holding eye gaze, partner one lies down on their back. Partner two stands at their feet. Partner two performs a Pilates Roll down and then walks hands either side of partner one until in push up position.

Partner two performs one push up and kisses partner one at the bottom. Partner one then performs an ab curl to kiss partner two when back in push up position and holds kiss for a minimum of 3 seconds. Partner two walks hands back up and rolls back to standing position.

Perform 12 reps each and swap.

2. Inner thigh and ab resistance training

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is ideal for strengthening the inner thigh, abs and pelvic in both partners making it ideal for most positions.

With both partners holding eye gaze, partner one lies face up with their back flat against the floor and arms stretched out to the sides.

Partner one will place their legs straight up above, partner two positions themselves kneeling in front of the legs facing partner one. Partner two will use their core and upper body to help hold the ankles to create resistance for partner one.

Partner one, using the core to maintain a flat back, will then try to open their legs as far as they can with partner two giving sufficient resistance and then return the legs back to the start position against partner two’s resistance.

Repeat for 12 reps and swap.

3. Walking hand in hand

Walking is underrated and is the perfect bonding sexercise when performed outdoors and hand in hand. Having stamina and low levels of stress is crucial for a healthy sex life and walking helps lower stress hormones, burn fat and allows for a deeper connection between couples.

Time together without distraction is the perfect opportunity to talk about wishes and desires which hit the pleasure centres of the brain. Add in some hill walking and some steps to climb for extra cardio and leg conditioning work.

4. The Partner Bridge

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is perfect for the cowgirl position by strengthening the glutes and legs for both partners. With both partners holding eye gaze, partner one lies on their back with legs outstretched.

Partner two will straddle partner one in a deep squat, feet flat on the floor (you can kneel if not able to place feet flat) with sufficient weight rested on partner one to create a challenge. Partner one contracts their glutes and thighs to try to lift partner two.

Without arching the back, partner one holds the contraction for 5 seconds then slowly lowers. Use hands to hold partner two for balance if required.

Repeat for 12 reps and swap.


5. Wall squats and tricep dips

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is perfect for all positions by strengthening the thighs, triceps and core.

Partner one will lean their back against the wall into a squat position with feet hip width and thighs parallel to the floor. Partner two will face away and place their hands on partner ones knees and feet flat on the floor.

Partner one will hold the squat while partner two performs tricep dips for 12 reps and swap. To make the dips harder, move the feet further away or for serious tricep and core work, perform using only 1 foot flat on the ground for 6 reps each side.

6. Massage

Take it in turns to perform a full body massage. Not only is this an intimate and pleasurable act it is also a fabulous all over body workout for both partners. It will use all the muscles including legs and upper body to apply the perfect pressure on each partner.

Partner one will lay face down first and partner two will straddle them. Working from the top of the body all the way down. When finished, partner one flips over to have the front body massaged. When complete both partners swap over.

7. Partner plank (optional push up)

Take turns with this sexercise. This fun challenge is perfect for both partners and in particular great for the missionary position. Holding the plank whilst in this balance position will strengthen the core and upper body.

Partner one will lie down face up and arms outstretched above. Partner two will place their legs in partner ones hands whilst partner two places their hands either side of partner ones legs in plank position.

The challenge is to hold this position whilst partner two performs a push up (optional). Partner one will have to hold partner two’s legs for the duration.

Perform 12 reps and swap.

8. Partner reverse lunges

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is designed to strengthen the legs and core making it the ideal exercise for any standing position.

With both partners holding eye gaze, stand facing each other. Both partners clasp hands. Partner one will perform a reverse lunge by standing on one leg and then lunging back going as low as they can. Using partner two to counterbalance and to assist the return to the top.

Perform 12 on each leg and then swap.

9. Partner sit up and kiss

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is perfect for any position that requires hip, back mobility, inner thigh and core strength. With both partners holding eye gaze, partner one kneels on the floor with partner two straddling them with legs wrapped around partner ones waist.

Cross ankles to steady if needed. Partner two will maintain a strong back, pulling in their abs and slowly lower themselves backwards as far as they can safely go.

Partner one can assist if needed by holding the hands. Return to the starting position by sucking in the abs and perform a sit up, kissing at the top.

Repeat for 12 reps and swap.

10. Lap dancing and striptease

Take turns with this sexercise. This exercise is perfect for any position that requires flexibility of the hips. Not only is it incredibly sexy and great for body confidence but it will also help with suppleness and burn extra calories.

Partner one puts on their favourite music, sexiest outfit and performs for partner two. Use chairs or stools to add variety and a challenge. When you’re ready, simply swap.

11. A game of twister!

A sexercise game I just had to throw in! What better way to test your flexibility and have fun at the same time.

This game will have you bending, twisting and balancing all over the place. Why not add an extra twist by trying it naked!


Big love, small tummies!

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