Best leg exercises for an elongated toned look can be challenging and fun.

Do you have a favorited leg exercise? Why is it your favorite leg exercise?

I will share a few of the best leg exercises for an elongated toned look due to the fact that different exercises work better for each person.


Plyometrics: bounding exercises

Increase your heart rate, metabolism, tone those legs and I believe to be fun.  The lower the object that you jump on the more repetitions you can do and the faster you can go depending on your goal or desire.  Do not use the same number of repetitions, jump the same height unless you go faster or do more repetitions.  When you change the workout your legs have to respond and preferably to your liking.  You can use barbells, weight vest and/or broad jumps if you struggle finding something to jump on.

Step up:

You should be able to find something to step up on; stairs, bench, stool, chair, etc.  The lower the object that you step on you will be able to do more repetitions and/or faster steps.  You will have elongated toned legs and round toned butt.  The higher the object that you step on the less repetitions you are likely to do.  Great to do something at least a little different.  The straight leg is not there for help.  All of the work is to be done by the elevated leg, raise the toes of the straight leg from the floor to make that happen.  Keep the chin and chest upright, do not worry about speed if you are new to this and/or have not done this in a while.



Beyond popular belief instead of long, slow, boring cardio do sprints.  By doing sprints you will achieve more in less time which is what all of my programs are about.  It will be difficult for you to stay bored because you can and should change the distance of your sprint.  Ten-twenty short sprints and six-twelve longer sprints 2-4 times each week.  10-20 twenty yard sprints, 40-100 yard sprints and so on.  Change the distance periodically and many things should change.  Less fat, better toned legs, better toned abs, less back fat and many other things that you may have not seen previously.

Focus on equal strength and balance for both legs first then the level of sexy later.

Stretch soon after doing these workouts to prevent additional soreness and increase blood as needed to the worked muscles. 
Have water and a towel with you and let me know how you are doing with the exercises.
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