In today’s fitness world, weight loss through fat burning is likely the number one most popular form of training. I mean wouldn’t we all like to keep our body fat way down if not lose a bunch of it? First off,  we would look fantastic having minimal body fat to bring out that lean, strong, fit and trim muscle tone.

But a low healthy body fat percentage also significantly lowers our risks of bad health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions. If I had to pin point any one fitness feature as where our health success starts and ends, it has to be body fat!

Now it is widely recognized in the fitness industry that the most effective way to burn body fat is by spiking your body’s metabolism through training and therefore elevating it long term due to the enhanced way that the body learns to use its energy (calories).


There are many exercises and training techniques you can employ in your workouts to create this metabolism spike but before I get into them just know that whatever your preferred techniques may be, it always involves the systematic manipulation of exercise INTENSITY.

No matter what you do or what your goals are, the body responds exclusively to challenging paces and intense effort training. So take on that challenge! Be a competitor with yourself! And, embrace some of that sweat and grit you’ll need to put in to be and look your best! Remember, there’s no law that says you can’t have fun working hard!

So let’s get right down to it. The training techniques I have been speaking of, all fall under the concept of what is High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)  As I mentioned, this involves incorporating strategically timed periods (Intervals) of maximum effort exercises within your overall training session.

What this does is it creates moments of higher paced and more strenuous activity to drive your body’s heart rate and calorie burning effort way up for only seconds (usually 30 secs to 1 minute or so) at a time.

Since this should be something that you cannot maintain for much longer than that, you then slow your pace back down again with a less intense exercise in order to recover before the next interval comes up again.

There are certain exercises that fit the purpose of that High intensity Interval much better than others, and as I explain the best ways to train with these following workouts you will learn some of them and how they fit within the overall scheme of a training session to maximize that fat burn!

1. Kettlebell fused basic movements 

Designed to be very moderately paced with basic toning moves until the H.I.I.T kettlebell intervals that will shoot the heart rate and explosive effort way up.

– Walkout pushups (crawl out into plank, pushup, then crawl back):Try repeating for 1 minute straight, if too difficult 30 seconds
– Body weight squats: Same time period as pushups

The 3 best fat burning workouts to get fit in 3 months
– V crunches (legs and arms in air, bring both towards each other so that shoulders and hips both lift off floor): Same time period
– Kettlebell swings: Be as explosive as possible, strong hip thrust/glute squeeze, keep fast as possible pace for same time as previous exercises

This workout is a 4 exercise circuit with the first three purposely meant to be fairly slower and less explosive than the fourth. Kettlebell exercise should be performed with the intentions of almost tiring out, then you can either rest for a short time before going back to the pushups, or if you want to push yourself try to do 2, 3 or 4 rounds of the circuit consecutively without rest…

Others ways to make it intense would be things like doing jump squats instead of regular squats for part or all of the squat round or same with the pushups (explosive pushups).

2. Big bang H.I.I.T

Uses all body weight movements that work multiple muscle groups all at once. Strong core/Ab emphasis as well. Overall pace is a bit higher and more pure cardio than workout 1.

– Situps or shoulder crunches: Stick to same time period of up to 1 minute if possible, if too difficult start at maybe 30 secs
– Walkouts (Crawl out into plank, pause, then crawl back): keep good moderate pace for same time as first exercise
– Updown planks: (start in low plank on elbows, climb one hand at a time to high plank, then drop back to elbows): keep good consistent pace up and down same time period
– Alternate squat thrust/burpees (every other squat thrust has a jump added at the end): Good fast pace, work hard on each jump, tire out for same time as other exercises

This workout is also a 4 exercise circuit meant to do in this order atleast one full round before rest. For more difficulty try multiple times through the circuit consecutively without rest.

3. Advanced bootcamp H.I.I.T

This is the most strenuous and highest level of H.I.I.T because there is more than just one high paced exercise. Good for that third month after you’ve built your stamina and strength and need a tougher challenge!

– Alternating forward lunges: All body weight, try to do for 1 minute, 30 seconds if too difficult
– Squat thrusts with pushup (pushup when down in plank before standing): Same time period
– High plank rows (using moderate weighted dumbells, alternate rows while in plank position): Same time period
– Mountain climbers (every 5 secs drop to elbows and come back to hands to continue climbers): Same length of time

This workout is meant to be executed just like the other two workout circuits… You may not need to toughen it up but if you do, work towards doing multiple rounds nonstop.

So these 3 workouts are a good, effective, and tough way to perform what is the best training style to burn large amounts of fat in the shortest time! And, they also cover all major muscle groups as well as provide an even blend of pure cardio, muscle tone, and functional strength to go with that fat loss!

However, they are an example of just one way. Their are other even tougher ways believe it or not! If you want to mix it up even more after a while you can even try going away from just timed exercises and use repetition goals and even pyramid your sets decreasing or increasing reps as you go through the session!

Circuiting is even not an absolute must all the time, and of course their are countless exercises that can work in place of these. So just have fun. Embrace the challenge.

Be creative to keep you motivated, and show yourself what you got! These will get you started on the right foot and I look forward to the chance to assist you down the road!

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