It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With sleigh-bells jingle-ing and ring ting tingle-ing too, the Holiday Season is in full swing! It’s time to attend that plethora of holiday parties we all look forward to so much.

Whether at work, at home, or at your friends’, there’s one thing for certain: You are more than likely going to overindulge at some point. Those holiday cookies, pastries and other delectable desserts are just too irresistible to not have at SOME point during the month of December. And the worst of it: it’s extra baggage that doesn’t go away.

It’s a known fact here in the US that the average American gains between 1 and 2 pounds every Holiday Season. The sad part is that for most of these people, this is permanent weight that isn’t shed, and as a result accumulates year-after-year. Think about how much weight the average American gains every decade from the Holiday Season alone: between 10 and 20 pounds!


And that doesn’t include any other times of the year that might lend a hand in their poor eating choices. Of course, the best way to get back on track is to revert back to eating healthily, but I can offer you more than that: the BEST calorie burning workout to help offset any damage you’ve done during the Holidays!

If you’ve read my previous WatchFit articles or my blog, you know that I’m a huge advocate of circuit training involving high intensity functional movements. This, coupled with High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, can help anybody of any fitness level lose weight, burn fat and build lean muscle.

Feel free to check out my first published WatchFit article to learn more about HIIT.

To quickly review, HIIT typically pairs brief (but intense) durations of exercise followed by short rest periods, usually performed at a 2:1 ratio. So, for example, you might perform 20 seconds of burpees, followed by 10 seconds of rest, then move on to 20 seconds of squats, and so on.

best calorie burning workout for after you've overindulged2

When performing high intensity functional exercises in an HIIT circuit, you’re going to melt fat like butter, helping you to shed the excess pounds accumulated throughout the holiday season and even build some quality muscle in the process. My one question to you is: How can this not be the best type of calorie burning workout for those of us that have overindulged?

The following is the best calorie burning workout money can buy, and the best part? You’re getting it, HERE, for FREE! There are going to be FIVE movements you’ll perform over the course of this workout. Before I get into how the workout is going to be set up, let’s quickly review the five exercises. The movements include: Burpees, Squat Jumps, Push Jacks, Alternating Front Kicks and Ground-to-Overhead Jumps.


Begin lying facedown on the floor, as if at the bottom of a pushup. Driving through your hands and your toes, pop up into the bottom portion of a squat, and performing a jumping jack, reaching full extension overhead. Return to the start position, and repeat for reps.

Squat jumps

Perform a bodyweight squat, keeping your chest up, pushing your butt back, and keeping your heels on the ground as your knees track over your toes. Lower yourself to at least 90 degrees, then, driving through your heels, jump while reaching full extension overhead with your arms. Land softly in a squat, and repeat for reps.

Push jacks

An alternative to the traditional Jumping Jack, the movement is performed in the same manner, except your arms will be acting as if you’re pushing something overhead. Complete for reps.

Alternating front kicks

Ever take Karate? Begin standing tall, with your hands up as if you’re about to spar or fight. Next, kick in front of you with one leg, insuring that your foot finishes in full extension above your waist. Do the same with the other leg, and perform for reps.

Ground-to-overhead jumps

Begin by touching the floor in between your feet in the ‘Angry Gorilla’ position, keeping your chest up and heels flat on the ground. Next, drive through your heels and leave the ground in a jump, while simultaneously reaching full extension overhead with your arms. Land in the Start or ‘Angry Gorilla’ position, and perform for reps.

The workout

Perform 4 Rounds of the following HIIT circuit. Rest only when allotted:


Exercise Duration

Rest Duration


30 seconds

15 seconds

Squat Jumps

30 seconds

15 seconds

Push Jacks

30 seconds

15 seconds

Alternating Front Kicks

30 seconds

15 seconds

Ground-to-Overhead Jumps

30 seconds

15 seconds

If needed, you may modify the exercise and rest durations to meet the appropriate amount of intensity. Preferably, you’ll perform each exercise at the fastest pace you can for the prescribed durations and rest periods.

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