In Part 1 4 x UK Fitness Champion Joey Bull introduced us to the idea and possibilities of achieving our ideal bottom. Here she delivers the guidance about best booty exercises to help us achieve the pert backside of our dreams!


Hamstring curls on the ball:

Pick a good sized but manageable weight to wedge between your trainers, keep it well squeezed there throughout the exercise. Position the ball under your hips and belly so that you have most of your weight balanced on your hands, keeping knees close together, curl the weight up and down until fatigue  (10 – 15 reps is standard). Pause and repeat. With the toes naturally turning in to hold the weight, the emphasis here is fractionally more on the inner hamstring.

Single legged dead-lifts:

These work well the top of the hamstring and crease of the buttock area. Standing on one leg and holding a light weight in the opposite hand, bend the supporting leg fractionally and keep it fixed throughout the exercise. Also keep the weight on the front of the foot of that supporting leg, this ensures it works in the right place. Tilt back and forth slowly, water pump style reaching slightly forward with the weight as you touch down. If your balance isn’t good, just keep the back foot in light contact with the floor. Try until fatigue sets in (10 – 12 is standard) on each side and repeat.

Wide lunge with rotation:

This exercise takes into consideration back mobility and strength, hamstring condition and a pert backside. With two light weights, lunge left leg forward and open as if to 10 o’clock. Drop both weights down to the outside of that left foot, feeling the rotation and the left glute muscle engaging. Repeat for about 8 to 10 and switch sides. Repeat.

Hamstrings with ball:

best booty exercises_2

Lying on a mat with your heels fixed on the ball, place your hands by your side for balance and lift your hips, draw the ball back and forth by bending your knees. After about 12 hold the ball in towards you lifting the hips as high as you can for a few seconds. then lift one leg and do a single leg hold, if possible add a few rolls forward and back again keeping the hips high. Switch sides.

Glutes on the ball:

Lie face down on the ball with most of your balance on your hands. Widen the legs and touch the toes to the ground. Lift the legs into a diamond shape by contracting the buttocks. Keep the feet flexed, Charlie Chaplin style! Then lower to the start position. Repeat slowly and perfectly 15 – 20 times. Be careful not to bend the lower back, aim to keep the movement purely in the buttocks. Working at this angle is in line with the way the muscle wraps the hips.

Continuing in the same position and exercise, hold the diamond shape and lift the feet a few centimetres, up and down. Hold a few seconds up high, then finish with a few more.

Back extensions might not be for everybody, so depending on how comfortable you are with them, Lean over the ball with your feet wedged in the wall, place a weight behind your neck and raise the upper body, up and down, steadily.

These exercises hit the spot, in fact they hit several spots, and I can assure you that, followed correctly they will lead to results you will be very proud of!

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