The body has age old common ‘problem areas’. It doesn’t matter where you go and who you ask, the answers will invariably be the same. Thighs, bum and tum!

There are perfectly good physiological reasons for this and it’s all just part of the human condition.

I am going to have a look at all of these for you and this time I’m going to start with Tum – or abdominals to be more formal. And here I can unveil the ultimate tummy toner! What is the best ab workout? Lets find out…

Effective training for your abs

A lot of time and effort can go into working on your abs but very often, despite your best efforts, it might not actually lead to any real reward.

Sit ups, crunches, ab cradles, knee lifts….are either entirely dependent on really good technique or actually not as effective as you might have thought.

Best Ab Exercise. And the winner is…

San Diego State University recently conducted a detailed study into the best common abdominal exercise. Thirteen tummy toning exercises were subjected to the closest academic scrutiny and practical analysis. The idea was to deliver a definitive answer as to the King of the ab exercises.

And after this thorough and detailed process a champion finally did emerge. Top of the charts came…….The Bicycle Crunch (or Bicycle Twist). So it looks like this really should become your go-to mid-section trimmer, toner and strengthener. But how come it is so formally exalted?

best ab workout _1

What makes it so special? Lets look at it the Bicycle Crunch

Bear in mind that not only does this have the stamp of approval for reinventing your abs, it is also a superb thigh toner too. It gets better all the time!

How to do a Bicycle Crunch

– Lie on a mat, lower back flat to floor, legs outstretched and arms at your sides.

– You can keep you arms and hands down by your side or you can place your hands behind your head, interlocking fingers.

– Contracting your core muscles, gently lift head, lift knees to about a 45 degree angle start to mimic a bicycle pedalling action, alternately touching your elbow to the opposite knee as you twist back and forth from the mid section.

– Breath evenly throughout.

– In terms of repetitions you can aim for 10-20. But do what you can without sacrificing any form – even if that is less than 10 initially. Don’t worry you will soon build up and you will love seeing and feeling your progress.

In conclusion

As you are reading this you must have asked yourself, what is the best ab workout? Now I hope you have found the answer. This really is a super effective way to hit those abs targeting both external and internal obliques thoroughly and evenly.

We are moving well and truly into Spring now and it won’t be too long before we are venturing into the deeper recesses of our wardrobes to find our summery dresses again.

You can now definitively end a debate about what is the best ab workout!

Build the Bicycle Crunch into your daily routine – they are perfectly practical so you have no excuse! You can do them anywhere you have enough floor space to lie down. Stick with them and you’ll be looking amazing in your bikini this summer!

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