So you went to work again today…sigh.

Until you become independently rich, probably by winning the lottery, or some such thing, you may have to keep going to work.

Going to work

The reason you need to got to work is simple. You need the money. The reason you need the money, is to keep you in the life style that you have became accustomed. You need to pay the rent, or the mortgage, you need to pay for your car or whatever mode of transport you use.

You like to go out at the weekend and you enjoy shopping. You have to eat, and you may be responsible for other people all around you that also need to eat, as well as other things.

The list is endless. So off to work.

Now the fact that you are reading this means that you have more than a casual interest in fitness. You may have a gym membership, or enjoy attending classes. Both of these things will also be a reason that you keep going to work.

Making it work in just 2o minutes

Keeping fit ain’t cheap, you need the right shoes, the current fitness wear, your Fitbit, your protein shake and of course your price of admission. Another reason that you keep going to work.

So here’s a thought.

What if you had a cool 20 minutes set aside twice a week, scheduled for when you finish work, that made you really look forward to going to work?

A brilliant 20 minute fitness session that you really looked forward to, that made going to work that day a joy instead of a chore. Easy!

The best 20 minute workout

Try the following.

Finish Work.

Get changed into your gym gear immediately, actually maybe go somewhere private first just in case, but do it the minute you clock off. Get outside and get ready to start.

Use your wearable tech to keep your timing right, your phone will also have a timer, or even use a watch (remember them?).

Warm up

Warm up with a gentle run around the building. If you don’t work in a building, find another one and run around it. If running aint your thing, power walk your way around, we just want your heart rate up before we really get going.

This warm up should last 5 minutes.

Ok, you are slightly warmer so we can increase your output a little.

Start your post work workout with cardio

After the day you have had, you will want to get rid of all the pent up tension and aggression you have accumulated during the day, especially after spending an hour with Clive from Accounts, so we are bringing out the big guns already and starting with 60 seconds of shuttle runs, or sprints.

1. Pick a point A and a point B and getting sprinting back and forth between them. Go as fast as you can and when your minute is up take a few seconds rest. Your next minute will be spent on the ground for mountain climbers.

2. Get on the palms of your hands and bring alternate knees in towards you, holding your core tight. After a minute rest.

3. Your 3rd minute of cardio will be everyone’s favourite, Burpees, give me another minute. Have another rest.

4. We are now finishing the cardio section with high knees, running on the spot and lifting those knees as high as possible. Another minute and your are done.

So 5 minutes warm up, 4 minutes exercise with a break in between should take you to around 10 minutes.

Now we are switching to toning and strengthening exercises

We are starting with a minute of planking. Onto the elbows, get in good alignment and hold the pose for minute 1.

best 20 minute workout_2After a rest, switch systems at get going going with your press ups. Go for good form, and really get those arms, chests and shoulders working, aim for 1 minute.

Have a quick rest and get back into your plank position for minute 3.

When completed, flip over and get those stomach muscles working with a minute of your favorite sit ups.

All done? Good, it’s back to the plank for the last time. I imagine you are really feeling those core stability muscles by now.

That’s another 4 minutes, with a minute for rest time, taking you to 5 minutes, which leaves you 5 minutes to go.

Final five minutes

Up onto your feet as we target hips, highs and gluts.

Start with a basic squat. Get good positioning and lower yourself into squat, then return nice and quick. 1 minute at a brisk pace is what we require here. Change for minute 2, go for forward single leg lunges.

Watch your technique, alternate legs for 1 minute then move onto the next move. Still on the leg muscles, go for alternate reverse leg lunges, really feel those muscles start to burn.

Minute 4 and we are finishing with a minute of squat jumps. Go into squat then propel yourself upwards int a jump, land in squat and repeat for a minute.

Take time to stretch

Use the remainder of your time to stretch and bingo, 20 minute after work workout.

Once your colleagues see the great time you are having, it won’t be long before they are asking to join in.

Your 20 minute workout is just long enough as to not be a great commitment, and it will make your working day go quicker as you look forward to getting to your very own fitness session.

Continue this program until you become independently wealthy, when you can retire, hire a PT and get them to do all the hard work for you while you sip cocktails under a beach umbrella watching them. We can all dream…

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