Do you have a workout buddy? If not, why not? Having at least one workout buddy can be (and should be) an awesome experience.

There are so many reasons to bag yourself a workout buddy. You are able to learn more about each other, challenge, compete against and motivate each other to keep going amongst other things…


Keeping You To Your Promises

One of the top benefits of having a workout buddy is being able to hold each other accoutable. Getting to the gym on time or even at all can be tough so having someone onside that will hold you to your regime is a great idea. You can even challenge your workout buddy(s) by trying to beat them to the gym, court or where ever it is that you may be meeting.

Spotting Partner(s)

I love lifting heavy weights regardless of the variety of resistance that may be around. For anyone else with the same mentality, it is beneficial and indeed safer to have a workout buddy there with you, watching your routine and ensuring that you are doing all the moves correctly. No one likes an injury!

(Healthy) Competition

Competing to see which one of you will get complete their sets first can be a fun way to spend your gym time. Depending on what kind of equipment you use when working out perhaps you’re your workout buddy will suggest equipment that you have not used before or a new routine to change things up. You can find different and fun ways to challenge yourself and each other.


Playing sports together. 

Don’t want to workout in the normal sense of the word. Grab some friends, head to the park or track and play a game together: basketball, tennis, you name it, it won’t feel like doing exercise when you’re with people you love and are having fun. 

Get HONEST Feedback

Worried about whether you’re getting better or whether you should up your reps / weights, but don’t know who to ask? Easy – your workout buddy! Someone who has been there from the beginning, watched you toil away and spotted you through an increase in intensity will be able to tell you straight-up how you’re doing. Think that maybe something’s not right? They will know. And because they know you and how you operate, they will be able to communicate to you in a way that will be constructive. If you’re struggling, they may even be able to show you how. Succeeding? They will be the first ones to pat you on the back. 

So, why have a workout buddy? The motivation to run faster, lift heavier weights, do more reps, keep going or try something totally different all comes from having someone there alongside you. There are many ways in which your fitness regime can benefit from having a workout buddy, even if it is just someone that you met at the gym. So what are you waiting for? Get messaging your mates!

Rember the old adage ‘sharing is caring’? This even applies to exercise – always the more the merrier.  

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