Lifting is a part of life

Lifting things of great weight and size has been common practice for centuries. 

You can date nearly every culture back to a time where they would tell stories of a great mythological being or God-like figure with super human strength. The record of strongman predates recorded history with its earliest recollection in British Isles Highland games around 1820. The games were originally designed to be a test of full human strength through a variety of different physical challenges for entertainment purposes.


The history of the strongman

As time progressed Strongmen became circus acts where hundreds would fill the audience to watch individuals lift incredible amounts of weight. Today, Strongman continues and is broadcast to a global audience through various television programs.

Strongman exercises always include some form of pushing, pulling, throwing, or carrying but really there is no limit to what can be presented as a challenge to its competitors. Nearly every individual on this planet can benefit from some form of Strongman style training and I’m going to tell you why you should start today.

Functionality of movement

So much of the fitness industry today is about glitz and glamour. Open a fitness magazine in the grocery store and it will probably tell you that you can get a six-pack in 10 minutes a day if you purchase some special piece of equipment for 90% of your next paycheck.

This is speculating that you’re not at Whole Foods and won’t be in debt after purchasing your groceries anyway! Strongman training gets down to the bare bones of training the human anatomy.

The way we are truly designed to move requires no specific equipment. Pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, twisting, bending and gait mechanics all have a part to play in any traditional strongman exercise which makes them functional and extremely effective.

Compound movements make gains

Do I need to say more? Strongman movements are more functional compound movements you will get tons of carryover from exercise to exercise.

When you train your body in a compound movement multiple muscle groups are targeted at once increasing the capability of making your entire anatomy stronger as oppose to just isolating one part of the body. You are essentially getting double the result from half the work. Or in other words, Gains. Varied Training Tools and Techniques

It’s safe to say your average gym goer uses way too many machines, barbells and dumbbells.

There are a billion different exercises that primarily revolve around just a few tools. Strongman training uses a wide variety of tools from tyres, to stones, to sleds and so on. This challenges your body in a more real world scenario’s giving you a more diversified level of strength that cannot be matched by doing endless sets of leg press.

benefits of strongman exercises_2Training Environment

We spend a lot of time in boxes. We live in a box, drive in a box, go to work in a box and then train in a box! In our daily life we simply do not get outside enough so why would we want to train our physical being inside anything at all? With most strongman type exercises you will be outside in more natural environment training outside the box.

Learned movement mechanics

The movements in strongman are very basic and usually involve lifting or carrying and walking. When in your daily life do you not do those things? Whether you are bending over to get the newspaper or carrying grocery’s in house, you will learn a better movement practice which will improve your daily life. See if a bicep curl machine will do that for you.

Anyone can do it..

Just because you see the guys on the TV lifting unimaginable amounts of weight doesn’t mean you need to. You can start with the basics of strongman training right now and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. Since strongman movements are natural movement patterns you absolutely can perform them in one shape or another right now. Seriously, do it!

You’re a badass!

If you decide to buckle up and take the ride down strongman training lane you are automatically a badass! You don’t even have to do anything special like carry all eight of your bags of groceries into the house at once.

Just start training and you my friend have earned the title: BADASS!

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