Rock climbing can be an ideal activity for a person to add to their New Year’s resolution list.

There are quite a few benefits to be had such as enhanced metal clarity, increased muscle strength, increased cardio endurance, burning calories, stress reduction, and increased flexibility.

Rock climbing is a great progression activity and a person can climb to different heights based on their goals and comfort zone.


The enhancement of mental clarity branches out into different psychological factors.

With the engagement of this activity a person can reduce their stress, alleviate a certain level of depression, help with focus and establish meaningful goals!

A total body workout

Whether you’re moving horizontally like in “bouldering” (ropeless climbing at low heights) or vertically like in “sport climbing” (climbing up rock faces with bolts for climbers to clip onto), your muscles will have to adapt to the changes in angles and leverage.

Therefore, the muscle strength is enhanced and the number of different muscles such as the legs, upper arms, back, shoulders, neck, and lower arms are recruited, classifying this activity as a total body workout.

benefits of rock climbing_2The impact on a person’s cardio endurance and burning calories is beneficial with rock climbing and has been equated running an 8 to 11 minute per mile pace. A review published in the Journal of Human Kinetics in 2011 reported that elite rock climbers often have lower body mass indexes and lower body fat percentages.

In the area of increased flexibility, the range of motion is enhanced based on having to reach, climb and leap to footholds and handholds that are potentially out of range of a comfortable distance.

Rock climbing is great for establishing a base line as it relates to personal goals

Some of these goals could be how high does the person want to climb, equating this to possibly overcoming fear of heights. You would learn how to manage that fear, but not lose sight of it completely.

Also, it can be a tremendous confidence booster!

You can think of it this way, “if you can climb a mountain, you can do anything!”, then what faces you does not seem so daunting! You can also develop a level of perseverance by thinking of it this way, “I want to get to the top!”, and as time goes by you will keep trying to get there!

benefits of rock climbing_3Here are some important points to remember

– Almost anyone can rock climb.

– Good technique is more important than strength. A person’s capacity to problem solve, body positioning, and good footwork will help them succeed in more climbs than just relying on strength.

But is rock climbing safe?

The answer to that is climbing has a lower risk of injury compared to many sports such as: football, rugby, horse riding, basketball or sailing.

So how do you get started?

You can look for an indoor facility on the Internet, where they can rent climbing shoes, harness, chalk bag, belay device, karabiner and hire an indoor climbing instructor to help get them started. This will allow a person to ‘test it out’ before investing time and money!

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