We’ve now reached February and are well into the new year. So how are those health and fitness related resolutions holding up?

By now the novelty of the resolutions is probably wearing off, and the realisation that losing the extra weight gained last year is not going to be that easy. Certainly if you are not going about it the right way.
So what do you do? Stop or look for some professional help?

So what do you do? Stop or look for some professional help? What are the benefits of a Personal Trainer?

Looking for help should be the obvious choice!

Why should we get help with health and fitness regimes?

One simple answer is there’s so much contradictory information on the internet it is sometimes difficult to make sense what works and what does not.

In everything we do we seek the help of specialists in the specific area we move into: build a house – get an architect and a builder; have car trouble – have a mechanic fix it. Our health and fitness should not be any different! It’s better to put your journey in the hands of a good educated and professional Personal Trainer, let’s face it losing weight is not that easy otherwise gyms will be full of people who are in peak condition.

What are the benefits of a good Personal Trainer?

Why should you take your hard earned money and invest it in a Personal Trainer?thebenefitstoapersonaltrainer_2
1. Education and experience.  A good Personal Trainer has specialised and educated themselves to the eyeballs in this field. Working day in and day out in the industry they are at the cutting edge of new technologies and research. They know what works and what does not, immediately taking your guesswork away!

Always make sure when you obtain the service of a personal trainer they have decent qualifications and are still educating themselves, ask them for their rationale when suggesting a course of action. Not all qualifications are equal!

2. Training is all about YOU, with undivided attention nothing else interfering! The program you are doing will be specifically designed with your goal in mind, guided by your personal strengths and weaknesses. You will build up a non judgemental personal relationship with a good trainer which improves your gym experience that can, at times, be daunting especially in big commercial gyms.

3. Goal orientated, a good PT will work with you and set realistic and achievable goals, taking into account not only your physical condition but also your mental and environmental influences.

4. Coaching. A good Personal Trainer will teach you effectively how to do different exercises with correct form safely and also teach you how to approach and overcome roadblocks in your training and progress. The variety will also keep you engaged and and stop you from getting bored in the gym.

5. Motivation and Accountability. You push yourself much harder if you train with someone and it motivates you more not to miss a session as you know there is someone waiting for you to train. The net result is you will achieve your goal if you stick to the program.

Once you start feeling and seeing the results basic human nature kicks in and you have the satisfaction of sharing it with your trainer, and your friends.

The benefits of a Personal Trainer can be significant, potentially life changing even. Investment in a good trainer is never an extravagance, it is an investment in your own health and wellbeing. And what is more valuable than that?


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