Kettlebells are a great way to build strength and balance and shape a great body. Spend time learning the technique of the exercises,without weight if necessary. When doing any exercise where you do one side first, always make sure you start with your weaker side. You can also do the workout with dumbbells.

The workout:

Repeat the sequence of exercises for 5 to 10 rounds depending on your strength and fitness level. “Dare to Challenge Yourself!” Warm up, do some mobility work, use a foam roller to work out tightness and then some dynamic stretches, such as leg swings and arm swings and finish off with 10 kettlebell swings. Hold the kettlebell in two hands. Assume a three-quarter squat position. Extend your hips to propel the kettlebell forwards and up, lifting it to shoulder level. Control its descent and then let it pass between your legs, going with the movement. Next snap your hips again to propel the kettlebell up into another rep.


1. Kettlebell Snatch

Lift one kettlebell dynamically in a single continuous movement from a swing to overhead. Dynamically ‘snap’ your hips to power the kettlebell up. A rep is counted when the legs and the working arm are locked out and the arm is parallel to the head. The kettlebell must be returned to the swing position in one continuous movement (brace your core throughout), but‘move with the weight. You can swing the kettlebell once or multiple times before moving into another rep – you should not rest with the kettlebell in a hanging position. Be conscious not to touch the kettlebell to your body or touch the body with the non-working arm.

Do: 5-20 reps on each side

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2. Offset walking lunges

Take a shoulder-width stance and hold one kettlebell at arm’s length with an overhand grip (palm facing in). Slowly curl the kettlebell up to your shoulder while keeping tension in your biceps muscle. ‘Fix’ the kettlebell in this position and then lunge forwards. Push back through the heel of your front foot and repeat. Use your opposite arm for balance by holding it parallel to the floor. Start with a light weight and as you get stronger go heavier. This is a very challenging exercise at first.

Do: 15-20 reps on each side

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3. Side Plank Kettlebell Hold

Assume a side plank position but make sure you place one leg over the other one (do not stack your feet on top of each other as you would with a standard side plank) – performing the exercise this way will also target your glutes. Hold the kettlebell at arm’s length throughout.

Do a 30 second hold on each side (advanced option lift one leg)

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4. Double Kettlebell Front Squat

Hold a kettlebell in each hand by the handle with your palm facing toward your chest. The ‘bells’ should rest on your forearms and your arms should be held close into your body. Keep your wrists straight to prevent injury. Keeping your heels on the ground, lower your thighs to a parallel position to the ground. Keep your core braced throughout and look straight ahead.

Do: 20 reps

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5. Bottoms up Single Arm Shoulder Press

Assume a shoulder-width stance and hold one kettlebell with an overhand grip (palm facing in), with the handle pointing toward the floor. Slowly curl the kettlebell up to the top position while keeping tension in your biceps muscle. At the top position, the bottom of the kettlebell should be facing up toward the ceiling. Press the kettlebell up to perform the shoulder press. Lower to shoulder-height and repeat. This is a tough exercise that tests your grip strength as well as your biceps and shoulders – start with a light weight. Make sure you focus on your breathing throughout, breath in as you prepare for the move and then breathe out as you press the kettlebell up.

Do: 10-15 reps each side. remember to start with your weaker side first

bells and fitness_2

6. Single Leg Deadlift with Kettlebell

Begin in a standing position with one arm holding the kettlebell at arm’s length by your side and your other arm parallel to the ground. reach down towards the floor with your extended arm’s hand while bringing your leg (same side to the arm that is holding the kettlebell) up and keeping it straight. Touch the ground with your hand and let the kettlebell touch the ground before returning to the start position. This is a great exercise for the glutes. Try to keep your back straight throughout.

Do: 15 reps each side, again starting with your weaker side first

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