As health professionals we spend much of our lives talking about diet and exercise. We talk about the best foods to eat, the ones to avoid and what time we should eat; about cooking, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, fats and nutrients; about exercises to get better results, for the gluteus, to flatten the stomach; about running, weight lifting.

But sometimes we fail to talk about other important factors.

I assessed a client not long ago, and it went well. It was not what she was expecting, but she started going in the right direction. The first time we set goals, she was very enthusiastic and ready to change her body. She decided to come and see me because her friend had gotten great results with our plan. One of her goals was to get into a bikini, which I think is very achievable for her.


After I gave her the results of her second assessment after a month, and we started to set goals again, her “two-piece goal” had shrunk to one piece. She stopped believing. She started to give up on her goal, and then she aimed lower.

Belief, Purpose, Application…

Yes, you may know a lot about exercise and eating healthily. Nevertheless, if you stop believing you can get in shape, lose 20% body fat or fit in your old skinny jeans, it is not going to happen.

The brain has an amazing networking communication. It sends electrical signals called the action potential. The more you believe something is going to happen, the more powerful these signals are. However, if you don’t believe, the signals are weak.

You can move your arm because you believe you can. The stronger the belief you have to move your arm the faster you will do it. If you don’t believe you can move it, then you won’t.

Have you heard about people having post traumatic stress?

It can prevent them from functioning and moving their body correctly, even though they are biologically capable of doing it?

I have heard stories of people trapped under cars, and their wife or mother saves them by lifting the car. In the moment, these women have no doubt that they will save their loved one’s life. The action potential is very strong and unstoppable.

Can you imagine if these women were to think they couldn’t do it or have doubts? But these remarkable stories happen often. Moms will do anything to save their offspring. When there is a sense of urgency and belief, people can do the most amazing things.


I’m not suggesting you stress over the fact that you need to get in shape, or lose 20% body fat or get into your skinny jeans. What I’m suggesting is to believe and do all that is in your power by following the right path to get there.

But you need to believe!

If there is not belief, there is not will, and where there is no will, there is no action, and therefore no results.

If it happens that you are doing a great job and you see small results, think about it: You are going in the right direction. It may take you longer than you thought, but you will get there. Don’t aim lower or feel defeated.

I personally wake up every day with a sense of urgency and belief. This is the reason why I’m so passionate, and I work hard in my health and my career because I BELIEVE I can do it and I can make a change.

I believe my devotion to help many people change their lives is not a dream or illusion. It is reality.

Your dream is possible. Don’t let it die only because it gets hard. Believe and pay the price and dedicate the time to achieve it.

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