To recap what we have covered: In Part 1, we went through the basics of training at the gym. Part 2 contained a foolproof circuit training workout, and in Part 3 we worked on a strength based workout. Now we’re going to cover No.3 on my list of Best Workouts for Beginners…

Tabata based workout

Exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10. Repeat x 8 (4 minutes total)


Rest for 1-2 minutes before starting new exercise

DB Goblet Squat

Stand in the squat position with a fairly heavy dumbbell held in between your two hands, the dumbbell should be sideways with your hands grabbing one end as if you would hold the rounded part of a goblet (hence the name).

Then you squat down until your quads are past parallel, pause, and raise yourself back up. Due to where you are holding the dumbbell you will have to keep your chest up and shoulders back or the weight will fall forward, this will prevent you from squatting with poor posture.

Continue using this version until you have successfully corrected your technique, then you can progress to barbell back squats. Goblet squats are also a great warm up for squats or an awesome leg exercise in their own right.

Press Ups

Works the pectoral muscle, deltoids, and triceps. Place your hands shoulder width apart and in-line with your chest. Lie on the floor and then use your arms to push yourself into the air. Pause and then lower yourself right back down to almost floor level. That is one press up.

Walking Lunges

Lunges work the Quadriceps and Gluteals, whilst also working the abs slightly as you try to maintain posture. To start, stand with two dumbbells either side of you and your feet next to each other.

Take a big step forward with one foot whilst keeping your chest out and shoulders back, raise your back heel off the floor as you do this. Now, drop your back knee down until almost touching the floor and push your front knee forward. Both knees should now be at 90 degrees.

Now lift your back foot off the floor and lunge forward until you formally front foot is now behind you with the heel in the air.

Repeat the lunge and continue doing this for a number of steps. Keep your chest up throughout and your shoulders back. The dumbbells should be at your side throughout.

DB Bent Over Row

Mostly works the muscles in your upper and middle back (Trapezius muscles, Infraspinatus, Teres Major/Minor), also works the lats, deltoids, and biceps to some degree.

Hold the dumbbells with an overhand grip, chest out, shoulders back, with your knees slightly bent. Then lean forward (45 degree angle) and stick your butt out.

The dumbbells should be in line with your knees and your chest should be directly over them. Pull the dumbbells towards the upper part of your abdomen, pause, and then lower them back towards your knees.

DB Romanian Deadlifts

Start with dumbbells at hip height whilst standing upright, your feet should be in a narrow stance with toes facing forward (unlike a normal deadlift stance where toes are facing slightly out).

Push your hips back (like you would when reversing a normal deadlift) and bring your chest forward towards the floor as if you were about to perform a bent-over row. Keep your back as straight as possible and make sure you don’t round your shoulders.

Continue to lower the bar until your hamstrings start screaming, this probably won’t be too far, don’t worry this is natural. Begin to raise yourself back up through thrusting your hips forward, breathing out as you do so.

When lowering the bar you can have your legs very slightly bent, but keep your shins vertical.

The Romanian Deadlift places more emphasis on hamstrings and Gluteals, less emphasis (none) on quadriceps

DB Overhead Press

Works the deltoid muscle group, whilst also hitting the triceps and the pectoralis major. Stand upright holding the dumbbells in front of you at shoulder height, push your elbows slightly forward and push your chest out.

Try to prevent curving your back whilst pressing the weights above your head, make sure that the dumbbells finish directly above your head rather than in front of it. Return dumbbells to your chest and then repeat.

KB Deadlifts

Kettlebell deadlifts are a great introduction to deadlifts but are also a fantastic exercise in their own right. Due to the shape and size of a kettlebell it is easier than a barbell to get yourself into the correct position.

Just place the kettlebell between your legs, grab the handle in both hands, then deadlift it up just like you would in a conventional lift. Use at least a 16kg bell though otherwise there really is no point.

Once you have mastered this lift you can try the same exercise with two kettlebells.

Long Arm Crunches

This exercise works the Rectus Abdominus, and the Internal and External Obliques.

Lie back on a mat with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90 degree bend. Place your hands straight above your head with your elbows resting against your ears.

Slowly crunch up whilst keeping your arms frozen in place, pause after you reach the top of the movement (this will not be very far from your starting position). Then slowly lower yourself back down, all the time ensuring that your arms are straight and your elbows are touching your ears.

Now you’re all set for with the Best 3 Workouts to get you exercising like a professional in the gym. Catch up with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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