This article is a coninuation of Joey’s Beach body and time to shine – Part 1

More blooming body tips:

Vitamin is very important to our body, and different vitamin have different benefits. Vitamin F (polyunsaturated fatty acids are crucial for the vitality of the skin and are found in most natural oils. Try hazelnut, grape seed, sweet almond and add cold pressed olive oil to your diet. Add nuts and seeds or small amount of protein to all your dishes and snacks. This helps re-balance the body’s natural food desires and curbs fun food cravings.


Of the hundreds of amino acids available in nature, we actually only require about 20. A couple of these stimulate the formation of collagen (the substance that creates tone and elasticity in our skin) as well as lessening the effects of smoking and radiation. It is also known to promote hair growth. These types of amino acids are found in red meat, milk and nuts.

Almost everywhere on our bodies are sebaceous glands (except hands and feet). These are particularly prevalent around the scalp and face. Their main purpose is to produce sebum which is a lubricant for hair and skin. Stimulating these glands aids their role. See the guidelines below.

Inherent in every human being is an energy called Qi (pronounced chi). Qi is manifested in the luminosity you see on a healthy person’s face. It is carried through the body in a series of pathways via our vital organs. Although invisible it embodies a physical reality essential for harmonising health. When Qi gets blocked the balance is disturbed and illness occurs.

By massaging certain pressure points we can improve its flow and quality. It sounds too simple and too good to be true, but our natural energies have been rather overlooked with conventional and money-making medicines. Below I’ve listed some pressure points to massage that aid detoxification and, after a while, will make a remarkable difference to your sparkle!

Pressure points – place pressure or massage these points for a minute daily.

Between the first and second toe. This spot is a good energy regulator and activates the liver to detoxify. Anything that assists the liver in its duty to shed toxins is worth a try.

Between thumb and index finger on the outside of the hand. This area aids elimination of waste products and detoxification

Pinch gently but firmly along the length of each eyebrow, then hold a little pressure on the temples with small circular movements. Do the same pinching motion along the jaw line starting at the chin. Hold for a couple of seconds and repeat 3 times.

With the tips of your fingers, press firmly along the hairline on the forehead. Then with three fingers press along where the tension is that causes us to frown.

Beach body and time to shine


Think of this when you are training – after a detailed study, Hull University has concluded that genuine positive differences are made when people apply particular mental focus on the body part they are training. Here are some skills for you to stay focused and have a dedicated mind.

Groups were closely monitored as they resistance trained. They were told to exert as much force as possible under three conditions:

1) Thinking only about their muscles and how they were working.
2) Thinking about the weight they were lifting.
3) Thinking about anything they wanted.

The study found “much more muscle activity” when people thought about their muscles and how they moved compared to when they just thought about the weight.

So there you go, nothing overly complicated, time consuming or energy draining – just a few simple personal maintenance tips that will help you shine and put a spring in your step this summer and getting the beach body.

Joey Bull is a four time UK Fitness Champion, Adventure Athlete and top personal trainer. More details at

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