Every woman wants to preserve her youthful face and figure for as long as possible. But what if we’ve lapsed somewhat and, horror of horrors,…it shows?

We have seen a welcome change in temperature over recent weeks and while the blossom and wildlife are making the most of it are we prepared to shed our own coats and display our Summer selves?

The ‘Silly Season’ is approaching and most of us will want to look and feel healthy and radiant for holidays and celebrations. Yet despite our best efforts the ravages of winter and its attendant festive excesses and weather-induced lack of motivation is likely to have left us some way short of our glowing and active best.


It’s critical not to despair though! Firstly remember that cell life is generally only six weeks. So if you really put your mind to it lots of valuable reconstruction can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. You can be enjoying summer wear and beach games in trusting confidence that every part of you has been taken care of…

Good posture makes instant improvements. Examine yours, does your pelvis tilt forward? Do your shoulders roll? Do your hands hang with the knuckles facing forward? Are your buttock cheeks even? Do your knees knock as you sit down? All these are quite subtle (but nonetheless common) signs that the posture isn’t quite perfect. But if it were, the whole impression of your shape would change. It’s also much better for the internal organs to have all the extra space good posture allows, it makes them more efficient at their jobs.

So apart from temporarily standing correctly and holding your stomach as if you’re wearing a corset, there are ways to help pull things straight over the next few training sessions.

beach body time to shine

  1. Train the antagonist muscle (meaning the opposite). For instance, rounded shoulders can mean a tight chest or shoulders or both and an under-trained antagonist muscle. In this case get to work on the smaller muscles in the back like the Rhomboids, Infraspinatus and anterior (rear) deltoids with varied pulling movements i.e. cross body low cable work, seated wide cable rows, single arm bent over rows and rear deltoid flies.
  2. Important a sit is to strengthen the opposing muscles, it is equally important to stretch the tight ones, so find stretches that hit the over worked areas and hold for 20 seconds or more

Working indoors with artificial lighting and air-conditioning also takes its toll on our radiant looks.

  1. It sounds really basic but get outside for fresh air daily and fill your lungs. Oxygen rushing through the system really boosts our immunity, improves circulation and puts some natural colour into the cheeks. In fact it is claimed that 90% of the body’s energy originates from good oxygen intake and only 10% from food and water.
  2. Get some natural light too. Reasonable exposure to sunlight is essential for well-being. It’s a proven ‘mood lifter’ and stimulates the production of vitamin D which is vital for healthy bones and can help fight numerous diseases. Prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun is obviously detrimental but you can improve the skins natural protection with foods like brown rice, wheat germ, tuna and broccoli.

Sleep isn’t something we can all take for granted – whether it be lacking due to stress, disturbances or being a parent! However it cannot be undervalued in terms of regeneration. Looking and feeling fresh is just a symptom of good sleep but plenty goes quietly astray when shut eye is missing. This is the time when the organs get to work and healing takes effect.

For instance, cracked heals are a sign that the liver isn’t metabolising fats properly – that isn’t to say you should eat more or less fats but that uninterrupted sleep is required to aid the liver break down the fats. Finding a ‘going to sleep’ routine is very varied for each individual and most of us give up if we’re not granted success promptly. But don’t! If you get tired, sleep – whether it is on the train or on a park bench! Trying to ‘push on’ or drinking coffee sends the body into adrenal mode which triggers hormone imbalances, fat storage and not to mention cravings for a starchy or sugar filled diet.

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