There really has never been a better time to become your own personal trainer!

The advances in the fitness industry, via online instruction and wearable tech, make things so much easier when it comes to your training regime.

The history of a personal trainer

Before the internet, people were reliant on gym instructors and group exercise teachers for their fitness advice.

The fitness industry was awash with instructors that seemed blessed with the gift to motivate and inspire, and you had to visit them to get your fix.

In the UK, the rise of the personal trainer is a relatively new one.

It was regarded a privilege of the rich and famous to regularly visit a PT for your fitness needs. Pro rata the rate of inflation, you probably paid more for a PT 10 years ago than you would today.

The reason for this being that PTs were hard to find back then.

To become a personal trainer, you were required to attend training courses at various locations across the country, and you had to physically put the hours in to pass your modules.

Weekend courses spread out over the year meant that to become qualified, you really had to put the time and effort in to get to the end.

The development of personal training

These days, online course have revolutionized the way we learn, not just in the fitness world but in every area of modern life.

You can now do courses online, and you very rarely need to encounter another living soul.

So with the rise of the online learning business, you find more and more people available to do the training required to become a PT.

As any business minded person will tell you, when the client has multiple options to choose from, competition for that client becomes fiercer.

Be your own personal trainer_3PTs will offer the best value they can to seal the deal and price reductions invariably follow.

Of course, if you have managed to build a reputation of being the best PT in the country, it’s a different story and you will find you can charge what you want, but for the new kid on the block trying to build a client list, being financially competitive may be the easiest way into the business.

So now we have a climate of easy to find personal trainers, at a price point that will tempt clients and an industry that is still expanding as we speak.

This has came about largely due to the easy to access information, readily available to all. 

So the natural evolution of this business model, is the client themselves cutting out the middle man and training themselves.

When broken down, the majority of clients looking for PT will fall into two categories.

Those that want to get fit, and those that want to get fitter

The client will expect exercise and diet advice to reach their goals and the PT will provide this.

So what happens when the client types their goals into Google looking for the same advice?

They will find they automatically have all manner of diet plans and exercise regimes at their fingertips.

Sites (such as the amazing one you are reading this article on) can provide clients with an absolutely phenomenal database of all manners of exercise and diet plans.

Be your own personal trainer_2

Starting platforms

Furthermore, clients can contact any of the writers on Watchfit and request a specific plan from them, and they set the budget themselves.
Video sharing platform YouTube is also an incredible hub of fitness activity, and trainers will up load complete fitness classes for you to do in the privacy of your own home – for free.

There’s everything from Pilates to HIIT and with a little discipline, you can get fit on your own.

Even if you do not like using online facilities, the general move in every day life to get people moving, is enough for us all to realise that we need to do more activity to stay healthy.

We are constantly being reminded to walk more, leave the car, use the stairs and to do more activity in our every day lives.

At that point there, we are already becoming our own PTs.

Add to that the increase in groups like Weightwatchers and Slimming World, and the secret of healthy eating is also so easy to grasp.

So to PT yourself, do a little research and get yourself motivated.

However the downside of this scenario is that often people just cannot find the commitment to train on their own. They need the security of a PT or group exercise instructor to keep them moving forward.

Becoming your own personal trainer

A good PT will ensure that you are always highly motivated and progressing forward.

They will help you and support you, and that’s something that a lot of people will only get from being physically in the same room as a real live instructor.

So although you can be your own PT, there will always be a space for the incredible and talented trainers that the industry can provide.

If you would like more information on how to be your own personal trainer, get in touch with us through WatchFit and we can help you on the way.

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