Every fitness warrior needs to develop their strength endurance in order to take their workout to the next level.  This article will provide you a battle ropes workout for optimal strength endurance training.

Strength endurance is the muscle capacity to sustain multiple contractions without fatiguing too quickly (oversimplifying it of course).  So picture if you will, the repeated action of your arms when performing a rope workout…remember how it burns? Or how you lose speed? And even if you want to, you can´t accelerate.  This happens because the metabolic energy path (depending on intensity and duration) that we are targeting becomes depleted.  Like a gas tank we now have emptied our muscle resources to complete the task, the task being: moving my arms and by extension the rope quickly and for a determined period of time. Heavy ropes workouts have the following benefits:

1. Augmented buffering capacity

This means that your muscles will become more resistant to the fatigue produced by this kind of stimulus.  Unsurprisingly, this exercise is in the strength and conditioning program of many elite athletes around the globe.

2. Muscle definition

If we sustain for a period a sequence of muscular contractions then we are going to promote the utilization of fat due to the oxidative energy pathway.

This is why repetitive stimuli produces muscle definition as you can see in the arms of a boxer o a basketball player which due to their sport demands are in the need of working and emphasizing strength endurance.

3. Muscle tone 

This is the perceived hardness of a muscle when touching it; any strength gain is going to reflect in the muscle tone.

4. Increase capillaries and mitochondrial density

As well as other cardiorespiratory fitness exercises this workout can promote such adaptations, these take place due the muscle needs to sustain muscular contractions in a more efficient manner.

Note: the adaptations in this workout are completely dependent on time and consistency as well as program design. So do not hesitate contacting the services of a certified professional.

Now get ready to get crushed!

Even if you haven’t tried them yet before, new gym exercises like heavy ropes are essential to keeping your workout momentum going.  I prefer to use a 2 in. rope with a length of 15 meters 49 ft. approx.

battle ropes workout2


Ten minutes of a moderate pace walking and mimicking the arm movement when working the rope.


Objective: slamming the rope on the floor after a small jump.

Hold the rope with both arms, feet shoulder –width apart, flex hips and knees (this is the starting position), then forcefully extend hips, knees and ankles in a jump (at the same time flex your shoulders preparing for the following movement) and when landing flex hips, knees and extend shoulders and arms to slam the rope on the floor.


Objective: move sideways recruiting core muscles.

Hold the rope with both arms, feet shoulder –width apart, semi flex hips and knees (this is the starting position), then moving like a windshield wiper both arms (mild abduction and medial-lateral rotation) make the rope undulate sideways (like a snake)–one key element is to maintain a moderate to vigorous contraction of the abdominal muscles throughout the entire execution. Click the link for more core strength endurance exercises.


Objective: move up and down both arms.

Hold the rope with both arms, feet shoulder –width apart, semi flex hips and knees (this is the starting position), then AS QUICK AS YOU CAN move your arms up and down (flexing and extending shoulders).


Objective: slamming the rope on the floor.

Hold the rope with both arms, feet shoulder –width apart, flex hips and knees (this is the starting position), then extend hips, and knees to gain impulse (in a controlled manner, make sure to not lose your position) in order to forcefully flex again to slam the rope on the floor as hard as you can.

* This exercise is partially the same as jump slam, but in this one we recruit the abdominal muscles and the hip flexors in order to gain momentum.


Objective: make circles with both arms recruiting deltoids.

Hold the rope with both arms, feet shoulder –width apart, semi flex hips and knees, extend both arms -floor parallel- (this is the starting position), then moving simultaneously your arms (outward) execute half of the total reps doing small circles and the other half performing big circles.

IMPORTANT: as repetitions and fatigue build up you can take a few breaths to regroup.

Sets, reps and rest?

1. Set 70 reps of each exercise (all 5)
2. Set 60 reps of each exercise (all 5)
3. Set 50 reps of each exercise (all 5)
4. Set 40 reps of each exercise (all 5)

– Rest for one minute –


Resting forty seconds between sets1-3.

So what are you waiting for? Go and explode your fitness . . .

Just be sure to fuel up for endurance with the right foods.  Safe training everyone!

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