It’s late. You just got home from work, it’s after dark, and you’ve got a million things to do. Your husband or wife is screaming at you, your kids are running rampant, and you still have to make dinner. I guess you’ll be skipping the gym today.

THINK AGAIN! Just because you may not have access to all of the equipment and all of the space that a gym can provide, doesn’t mean you can’t perform basic exercise at home.

Now, you’re all of varying fitness levels. Some of you may know 200 different exercises and various variations of those exercises without batting an eye, while some of you may not know more than two.


For those of you who aren’t grizzled fitness veterans, I’m going to lay out five essentials to follow when doing basic exercise at home:

Make sure you’re wearing proper workout attire.

Just because you’re not out in public or out at the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be properly dressed for exercise. Work or casual clothing can tear and/or restrict movement even when performing basic exercise at home. This can lead to injury. If you’re using weights, proper footwear is also required; God forbid you drop a weight on your unsuspecting foot!

Make sure you have an adequate amount of CLEAR space to perform your workout.

Unless you have a large room dedicated solely to exercise, you’re most likely going to have to clear some space when performing basic exercise at home. The problem with having clutter around you is that you can accidentally bump into or knock something over while you’re working out.

Depending on what’s within the vicinity and/or how heavy these surrounding objects can be, you can be setting yourself up for potential injury. Make sure you have an adequate amount of floor space away from furniture and from clutter, and you should be OK.

basic exercise at home_2

ALWAYS keep proper form when doing basic exercise at home.

It’s important to never sacrifice form for speed when performing a workout at home. Poor form can lead to improper movement patterns and poor postural compensations, which can leave you susceptible to injury. Keep your form, and you’ll continue to make gains; even at home!

Stay within your physical limits.

To further the previous point about form, stay within your physical limits! For example, if you can’t do a handstand, don’t attempt to do a movement like a handstand pushup. That will do nothing but set you up for failure and/or potential injury. Know yourself and your limits, and you should be OK.

Avoid distractions.

It’s one thing to have some music or TV on in the background; it’s quite another to have running children and pets sharing the same space you’re trying to work out in.

Having others around you while you’re performing even a simple exercise can be distracting, and as a result you can lose form, thus leaving yourself (or even the others in the room) open to potential injury. If possible, cordon off the area from distractions until you’re done with your workout.

Here’s to you taking back your life!

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