Summertime is special for those in the growing street workout scene. The warm weather makes for a serious training season at parks across the world but it’s also the time of year when many international competitions are held and none are bigger than Workout FEST in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Workout FEST was created and organised by Denis Minin in 2011.

This June thousands came out to enjoy the event by the Dnieper river, watching the main stage and participating in various fitness activities on site.


Workout FEST has become the ultimate gathering and competition for street workout athletes around the world. More than 90 competitors take part from over eight different countries. And the Bar-barians have become regulars at Workout FEST, bringing 14 Bar-barians from the U.K, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and the USA.


The day kicked off with a musical performance by Ukraine’s own, Deny Montana, a hip-hop artist and Street Workout athlete who is also a member of our worldwide team Bar-Barians. Individual freestyle followed the opening performance. This part was not a competition, but an exhibition, showing the highest level of Street Workout freestyle to date.

Participants displayed their originality, style and strength to the audience, choosing their own music and in some cases props to go with their performances. After individual freestyle came team freestyle.

Four teams performed: Russia, the Bar-Barians, Kazakhstan and the Ukrainian National Team. The Russians are known for their gymnastic strength and moves using each other as either extra weight or counterweight and did not disappoint.


Bar-Barians went up next to a live performance of Deny Montana and Jay Planche’s street workout anthem “International Workout.” We showed our workout freestyle sets with international pair-ups exhibiting a mix of synchronized movements, complimenting routines and individual showcases.

Next Kazakhstan showed their creativity using chains as props and exotic dances along with their moves on the bars. Finally, Ukraine had an entertaining set performed to Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine,” in which the team came out injured and bandaged but after contact with an attractive nurse quickly found themselves performing high level calisthenics sets!


Calisthenics competitions

The main events of the day were the seven calisthenics competitions. These included most freestanding handstand push-ups, longest held front lever, longest held human flag, most one-arm pull-ups, most muscle-ups, most pull-ups with an additional 32kg and most dips with an additional 48kg. Bar-barian founder Zef Zakaveli stood in as judge for each contest.

Participants in the handstand push-ups competition had to keep a straight body, touch nose/chin to the floor and could not move their hands. Winner Viktor Nabok, did 17 reps. Rules for the one-arm pull ups, weighted pull-ups, weighted dips and muscle-ups dictated that participants had to achieve the full range of motion and pause for no longer than two seconds at any point.

There was a four way tie between Eugene Kocherga, Roman Miagkov, Dmitri Malakhov, and Vasiliy Larionov with 10 one-arm pull ups, as well as a three way tie in the weighted pull-up competition between Vitalii Shovkoplias, Vitalii Humennyi and Vladislav Nagornyuk, all with 21 reps.

The weighted dips also finished in a draw between Alex Kravchenko and Vitalii Vorokhob, both with 20 dips. The muscle-ups were also confined by a gate that no part of the participant could pass for a rep to count.


Deny Montana won outright with 19 muscle ups! Front levers and human flags required the body to remain parallel to the ground with the arms and legs fully extended. Zalimkhan Kambalov held his front lever for an amazing 33sec whilst the Human Flag was held 25sec for the win.


Between each of the calisthenics competitions were performances by groups from various fitness backgrounds such as taekwondo, muay thai, dance, yoga, spinning and pole dancing. There were also exhibitions by children and girls. Denis Minin has been doing great work with children for years now and the result has been phenomenal!


The children have fallen in love with Street Workout and practice everyday. It showed in their performance as they executed many of the moves common among the adult athletes! The girls performance was equally as impressive. It’s a rare sight in this sport to see female participation at the performance level.


They displayed a high level of strength with feats such as muscle-ups and weighted pull-ups! In addition to taking in the different competitions and performances, attendees numbering in the 1,000’s could participate in a number of different activities such as weight lifting, rock climbing, arm wrestling, football freestyle and Parkour, plus even more bar set ups to get a workout in.

Overall it turned out to be the biggest and best Street Workout event to date! Many new records broken, bonds built and fun times had. It’s great to get this many people together for the purpose of health and strength. A great example for the world!


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